Watch Verne Troyer Rip A Big Juicy Fart At Hines Ward’s Hot Wife On ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’

Lindsey Georgalas-Ward wife swap

Getty Image

Normally I wouldn’t watch a show like Celebrity Wife Swap, because, well, duh. But when you put Verne Troyer on a show with Hines Ward’s sexy wife Lindsey Georgalas-Ward, you have my attention.

And when that show suddenly involved Verne Troyer ripping off giant farts in response to something Hines Ward’s hot wife said to him, it almost becomes must-see television in my book.

Hot former models? Fart jokes? Mini-Me? I think that fulfills the trifecta of what constitutes quality television in the 21st century doesn’t it? Not to mention it also appears from the promo that Verne Troyer took Lindsey lingerie shopping?


That’s gold right there, baby.

H/T Busted Coverage

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