Vince Vaughn Hosts and Miguel Performs on a Quality SNL

Monologue: While it'll remain a mystery why Vaughn was tapped to host this week, he was game for a fast-talking monologue that both played up his quick-witted persona, and made fun of the now-easily parodied manner of speech, too. When you factor in the possibility that many of these lines were improvised—or at least really seemed like they were improvised—this eight minutes that seemed right out of Swingers might have been the show's highlight.

Cold Opening, Gun Control: Another political cold opening that could have been a little more on point.

Al Pacino HBO Biopics: Bill Hader's Pacino impression might be my favorite in the last decade of SNL. This didn't disappoint.

Last Call: Let's just say that, once again, this running series hit a little too close to home.

The Weather Channel: TWC gets its hands into soap operas. I laughed at every one of Vaughn's lines, and not much else.

Roundball Rock: Sports' greatest theme song gets its “More Cowbell” backstory.

History of Punk: If you're a Sex Pistols or Clash fan, this was your favorite skit of the night. For anyone else, it might ring a little too in-jokey.

Weekend Update, “Accidental Racist”: If you heard the line “Shoutout to Robert E. Lee,” and didn't think LL Cool J and Brad Paisley would be making an appearance this week, then you might be new to the show.

Miguel, “Adorn”: The smoothest dude in the game, Miguel, did his best to get everyone in the audience pregnant with two numbers last night. If you brought back a hookup or a girlfriend at around 12:20 or 12:50 and turned NBC on, I doubt you needed to say a single thing.