Virgin Australia’s Official Twitter Account Skewered Kayne West Then Predictably Pulled The ‘Hacked’ Excuse


No one is more impressed with Kanye West’s new album The Life of Pablo than Kanye West himself. I wouldn’t be surprised if he genuinely thinks that listening to it can cure the Zika virus. And if you don’t believe his rap album can resurrect Jesus himself, well, Kanye kindly disagrees.

Kanye is making more waves this week as he was not satisfied with Pitchfork writer Jayson Greene’s review of the album–which he graded a 9 out of 10–and responded with the below tweet:

A fed-up Virgin Australia employee, or someone who was granted access to their Twitter account, decided to make a stand against Kanye’s delusional arrogance and shot out the this tweet in response to Kayne to Virgin Australia’s 210,000 followers:


For those unfamiliar, the ‘EAD’ acronym stands for ‘EAT A DICK.’

What a galvanizing message. There’s some honor in a company with 210,000 followers taking on one of the biggest artists in the world and his 19 million followers and saying what needs to be said. Really gotta give Virgin Australia props for falling on the sword for us.

AH, nevermind. Nothing good can last.

But for real, Kayne, your album is tight but eat a dick.

[h/t Some E-Cards]

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