‘Wedding Crashers 2’ Might Be In The Works, According To Isla Fisher!!!!

Wedding Crashers is easily every Bro’s favorite comedy of all time. I can’t even count how many millions of times I’ve quoted it. The following quotes are in the pantheon of all time great comedy movie quotes: “Rule #76: No excuses. Play like a champion!” or “I got a stage five clinger” or “Mom, the meatloaf!” or ““Crab cakes and football, that’s what Maryland does!

Wedding Crashers hit theaters in the spring of 2005. It was a massive commercial success, grossing over $280 million at the box office. Fans of the movie would surely jump at a sequel, even if purely out of nostalgia over a decade later.

Meanwhile, on the TODAY show this morning, the stage five clinger herself, Isla Fisher, quietly announced some gossip that Wedding Crashers 2 might be in the works:

I bumped into Vince Vaughn at a party and he said that apparently we’re going to be making a sequel. So I’m really excited to see what happened to Gloria.

She added:

“I shouldn’t really announce it on morning television… But apparently there’s some talk of it, which is fun.”

Could you imagine Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson getting the band back together, as plenty of big early aughts comedy franchises have done over the last few years a la Anchorman 2 and Zoolander 2? Wedding Crashers 2 just feels inevitable.

Let’s hope they really develop the Chazz storyline this time: