‘Wheel of Fortune’ Contestant With Tourette’s and Aspergers Will Melt Your Heart

After a rash of embarrassing Wheel of Fortune incidents, it’s nice to see the good shine through.

That came in the form of 21-year-old Trent Girone, who says he’s been watching the show since he was two. In February, he finally got to see a life-long dream achieved, taping an appearance on the show. The episode aired last night, and it will damn near bring you to tears.

While he didn’t win, Girone nailed a couple puzzles with the most beautiful, unbridled joy,

Afterward, he released this statement

Meeting Pat, during the third taping of the day I was on the show, was as awesome and amazing as it could be. I even mentioned the infamous category, “Megaword”. However, I did not get to talk to Vanna, but sure wish I had been able to!

[Via Gawker]