Wheel Of Fortune’s Pat Sajak Just Exposed This Poor Bastard For Being Stupid, And I Can’t Help But Feel For Him

So I know my job is basically throwing stones at stupid people doing stupid shit. And I take pride in that. Stupid people should be exposed and be made to wear the internet’s version of a Scarlet Letter to forewarn others not to be stupid or they too shall feel the unrelenting wrath of a RETWEET. But, with that said…

I had no fucking idea where Venice was before Sajak just verbally stripped this dude naked in front of his wife and every mom in America.

If you put a blank map in front of me and told me to point to Venice, I’d turn into Brendan Dassey in the interrogation room. Just let me go home and watch Wrestle Mania and be blissfully ignorant to anything outside my small bubble. I just guessed a few correct letters of a puzzle, I’m not Carmen Sandiego, Pat. So enough with your bullshit and just let my wife and I enjoy our all expense paid trip to Venice, Sweden. Make sure it’s first-class, paying cash, sittin’ next to Vanna White.

Rollin into Venice like…

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