This Guy On Wheel Of Fortune Set The Bar For The Most Awkward Human Interaction Of All-Time

Meet Brandon, a young man in the crowd to root on his friend Eden who was a contestant on the Wheel of Fortune. Brandon expected to go to the taping of the popular game show solely to give encouragement to his friend in his attempt of winning big prizes like a SodaStream or a new car. However it appears that Brandon did not imagine that he would actually be seen on the game show and by it’s massive audience of over 40 million.

The camera swung to Brandon where he waved in an excruciatingly awkward manner. The painfully dreadful expression on his face looks more like he was dragged to a desert hill in Syria by an ISIS terrorist dressed in all orange and fashioning a machete than appearing on a cheeky television game show.

Why does he keep waving!?!? Stop it Brandon you’re bringing more desperately unwanted attention to yourself. Hey Pat Sajak, can you please help Brandon here? Not everybody wants the spotlight on them to rant about gun control and denying that global warming is an actual thing.

If you look closely, you can actually see the moment when he is so overcome with uncomfortableness that his taint shrivels up into his asshole.

However what if your boy Brandon here is not uncomfortable at all in front of a camera and pulling the greatest prank in Wheel of Fortune history? Either way I still love you Brandon and all of your awkwardness.

Editor’s Note: Paul Sacca here did not realize that Brandon is a former contributing editor with BroBible. Here’s his response.

“Hey Paul,

Brandon here. You may know me as the awkward dude in the Wheel of Fortune video, or maybe, also, the guy who has written over 100 articles for BroBible. Great to meet you. Glad you enjoyed my video, but I hate to tell you that your analysis of what was going on in my head was way off. When your friend or family member contestant makes it into the final round, they find you and plop you into the middle of the crowd. The producer tells you that Pat is going to introduce you, and there’s a camera in your face for about five minutes leading up to Pat’s introduction. So, I had a little bit to brace for my appearance, and was not caught off guard. You might also notice based on my friend Eben’s (not Eden) laugh that I was intentionally trying to look like a weirdo. Mission accomplished.”