Woman On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Shits The Entire Bed With One Of The Worst Puzzle Guesses Of All Time



What do you think the answer to that mostly completed puzzle might be? I’m willing to bet you have already guessed the right answer, but if you didn’t, I’m also willing to be that your brain didn’t spew out the guess one woman on Wheel of Fortune gave.

“Start in the right way.” First of all, the full word NIGHT was exposed. So right off the bat this answer is highly problematic. But her stupidity doesn’t stop there. The second fuck up, is that the “T” and the “A” were already on the board and she just decided to completely look past that. And finally, I don’t know how most of you people define a “THING,” but “starting in the right way” is not a thing where I come from.

[H/T Uproxx]