Carrie Fisher Finally Revealed Why Princess Leia Never Got Her Own Lightsaber In ‘Star Wars’

Okay, so it took 39 years for us to FINALLY find out why all the bad guys in Stars Wars always use red lightsabers, right? But what about Princess Leia? She has The Force. Why doesn’t she get to use a lightsaber like her brother Luke Skywalker?

Well, thanks to Carrie Fisher making the rounds for her new book, The Princess Diarist, where we have now heard all about her affair with Harrison Ford (and the time Mark Hamill almost walked in on them), we now know.

Appearing on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Fisher was asked, “She’s got The Force, how come she doesn’t get a light saber?”

To which Fisher replied, “You know, it’s that whole women… yeah, it’s a bad thing for women. Even in space, women are, you know, there’s double standards. Even with The Force.”

So there you have it. Mystery solved.

The whole interview is well worth a watch for anyone who is a fan of Star Wars and/or Carrie Fisher. (And who isn’t a fan of Carrie Fisher?)

Fisher also talked about being told to lose weight for the first film. She said they only wanted “three-fourths of her” so “the fourth could not be with her” which Stephen Colbert completely missed, as well as many other great stories about her life and the films.

Oh yeah, her dog Gary was also there and he alone is worth watching because he’s absolutely priceless.

Later, Fisher revealed some “other” Star Wars “revelations” that did not make it into the book…

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