Woman Arrested For Flicking Her Button While Watching ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ In Crowded Theater

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A woman sitting in the 12th row of a crowded theater showing ‘Fifty Shades of Grey‘ has been arrested for ‘Public Indecency’ after she was discovered pleasuring herself. It only took one week of ‘Fifty Shades’ showing in theaters before the first button-flicking related incident to occur, and I have to admit I’m shocked there weren’t more clitoral-related incidents.

The 33-year-old woman in Sinaloa, Mexico (yes, the same Sinaloa as the drug cartel name) was sitting in the twelfth row of the movie theater, and inquisitr seems to believe that suggest she didn’t enter the theater with plans to flick her bean.

LaVerdad was first to report on this woman’s arrest, and my day was enriched when I learned a new Spanish verb: masturbar (meaning: to masturbate):

In row 12 of the film, aged 33, unmarried, was under a bit pants and watching the film began to masturbate, so it was denounced by the attendees, who upon seeing such a situation called police for the woman was arrested without incident was any further.

I guess in Sinaloa when it comes to ‘masturbarse’ snitches don’t get stitches, because the entire theater turned her in by alerting security.

On the one hand, I can see why scenes such as this might have gotten her a little revved up:

But on the other hand, there’s this:

From all of the reviews of ‘Fifty Shades’ it seems like the latter GIF is more indicative of the acting in this movie, and as I have no plans whatsoever to see it I’m just going to assume this woman from Sinaloa really gets off on bad acting and voyeurism…and good for her, I guess?

This wasn’t the only ’50 Shades’ related incident of the week, as Metrolux 14 theater in Colorado accidentally switched the reels between the Spongebob Squarepants movie and ’50 Shades of Grey’, showing young children the opening of the movie.

For more on this story you can head on over to Inquisitr, or LaVerdad.