I Can’t Stop Laughing At The ‘Workaholics’ Season Premiere ‘BIG DICK JEANS’ Line

by 4 years ago

Comedy Central

If you like to laugh, Wednesday night was a fantastic evening of television: Workaholics, Broad City, and It’s Always Sunny all came back into our lives with incredible season premieres. We’ll give them all the respect each show deserves, but I thought this line from Adam in Workaholics was so funny I needed to post it ASAP. Scene: College, female studies class. He’s examined for being a stereotypical male mind. And then he blurts out:

“Obviously I didn’t know I would be in a room full of hot chick, or I would have worn my big-dick jeans!”

Classic braj humor. Just an all around great season premiere, from the Coast Guard to the dog to the porn movie. Let’s get weird:

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