WWE Stars Read Mean Tweets And Manage To Be Funnier Than The Tweets

If you’ve been watching WWE program recently, you’re probably well aware of the new network show Edge & Christian Show That Totally Reeks Of Awesomeness. If you aren’t aware, former champions and real life bestie bros Edge and Christian have a weekly sketch/variety show that, honestly, doesn’t look like the worst. Of all the possible hosts in the WWE universe, E&C are at least humorous and not in a “have to look away to laugh uncomfortably” type of way.

In the latest episode of Edge & Christian Show That Totally Reeks Of Awesomeness, WWE superstars John Cena, The Big Show, Alberto Del Rio and…ugh, am I really going to call Adam Rose a “superstar”? Ummm…roster filler Adam Rose and other WWE wrestler read mean tweets about themselves.

The tweets are vanilla as hell (I’ve said way worse about those guys on Twitter) and almost seem as fake as the typical wrestling match but the guys at least bring a little humor to the segment. Especially funny is The Big Show and its obvious people have made that same complaint about Show a billion times.

If this is going to be a recurring segment on Edge & Christian Show That Totally Reeks Of Awesomeness either find actual and MEAN tweets about WWE stars or just have Cena read every negative tweet about him for an entire hour each week. That’s like three seasons of programming right there.

[via With Spandex]