Yahoo! Shared Their Most Searched Women Of 2014 And Somehow Jennifer Lawrence Wasn’t Number One

Hello? The Fappening anyone? How is it even remotely possible that any female celebrity could possibly have been more searched on Yahoo! (or any other search engine) in 2014 other than Jennifer Lawrence? Do perverts not use Yahoo! as much as they do other search engines?

Justin Bieber was the most searched male on Yahoo! in 2014 so we know they aren’t lying about their numbers. (Who doesn’t do a daily Bieber search?) Although, somehow Lamar Odom was number two followed by George Clooney, Michael Douglas and Bruce Jenner. (Bill Cosby snuck in at number nine with a late charge.)

The top overall search term was Ebola, natch, followed by, uh, Minecraft and the the woman who was the most searched female celebrity came in third. Here’s who that was…

That’s right. Ariana Grande had more people search for her on Yahoo! than Jennifer Lawrence and she was the THIRD MOST SEARCHED THING this year. Yahoo! must be predominantly used by teenage girls.

J-Law did come in second (and fourth overall), followed by Kaley Cuoco (fifth overall), Kim Kardashian (sixth overall), and Jennifer Aniston (10th overall).

Here’s the rest of the list…

6. Halle Berry (Really?)
7. Mila Kunis (That damn Kutcher.)
8. Kate Gosselin (No idea.)
9. Selena Gomez (Bieber bump…)
10. Iggy Azalea (Possible sex tape.)

No accounting for taste, I guess.