Want Jesse Pinkman To Scream ‘Yo, Bitch’ At You? Well, Now There’s An App For That!

Aaron Paul is most notable for an incredible stint on ‘The Price Is Right’, but he later went on to star in a 2002 music video for the band Korn. After that he managed to land an arguably minor role in AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’ and made his catchphrase ‘yo, bitch!’.

Jesse Pinkman’s catchphrase has since gone on to infiltrate every dark corner of the Internet as one of the most popular memes to date. Today Aaron Paul announced the campaign to get his catchphrase its very own star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame by dropping the ‘Yo, Bitch!’ app for iPhone (coming to Android in 2015).

Because who doesn’t need an app whose only purpose is to send someone the phrase ‘yo, bitch!’ The ‘Yo’ app was obviously wildly successful, so why can’t ‘Yo, Bitch!’ get in the game?

You can download the app from the iTunes App Store by clicking HERE. Here’s a screenshot of exactly what you’ll be getting form this app, because in addition to ‘Yo’ it sends a handful of other phrases, and you’re able to customize it to basically say whatever the f*ck you want.

And to get you all jacked up, here’s a montage of every time Jesse Pinkman said ‘bitch’ or ‘Yo, Bitch!’ on the show:

As of the time of publication, the app only has 2 reviews in the Apple App Store. However, both are 5 star reviews and extremely enthusiastic. So I think it’s safe to assume this is the best app you’ll ever own.


Aaron Paul in the 2002 Korn music video for ‘Thoughtless’ is fantastic