50 Cent Is Spending $67,000 A Month To Maintain His Insane $8.25 Million Mansion From MTV ‘Cribs’

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When 50 Cent announced he was declaring bankruptcy a couple weeks ago, the whole world scoffed at the move, wondering how the hell he could spend all that Vitamin Water money so damn quickly. 50 Cent’s bankruptcy comes from two separate lawsuits, resulting in the rapper owing over $25 million in court-ordered payments: One to Lastonia Leviston over a leaked sex tape for $7 million, one to Sleek Audio for $18 million over a bad headphones business deal.

Yesterday he filed a statement of his personal finances in Connecticut bankruptcy court, which Business Insider and other organizations were quickly able to get their hands on. 50 Cent famously calls Farmington, Connecticut home, living in a massive 21-bedroom mansion that once belonged to Mike Tyson. Perhaps you’ve seen it on MTV Cribs! It’s easily one of the best Cribs episodes of all time.

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