Alicia Keys Did Musical Impressions Of Adele And Gwen Stefani, And I’m Legit Blown Away At How Good These Are

Alicia Keys appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night and she told an amazing story about the first time she ever spoke with the late, great Prince on the phone. If you know anything about Prince‘s idiosyncrasies as a man you’ll love hearing her tell that story (video below). This clip isn’t the normal type of content I’d be sharing here on BroBible but I felt compelled to write about it because Alicia Keys straight murders these impressions, and I was blown away by how good she was.

Anyways, in the clip above Jimmy Fallon has Alicia press a button that’s supposedly a random connection of artists and songs, and then she has to sing the song as the artist. First up, Alicia Keys must sing ‘Miss Mary Mack’ as Gwen Stefani, her co-host on NBC’s The Voice. Second, she sings ‘The Alphabet Song’ as Adele, and lastly, Alicia sings ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star’ as Janis Joplin. I HIGHLY SUGGEST fast forwarding right through the parts where Jimmy Fallon is talking or singing because Alica Keys straight kills it, and her parts are really the only ones worth seeing.

This video has already amassed 600,000 views overnight and it’s currently trending on YouTube, and for good reason. Alicia Keys has more talent as a singer in her left pinky finger than 99.99% of the population and anyone who says otherwise needs to just watch this clip.

Here’s that Prince story I was talking about in the beginning of this article:

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