Fat And Wrinkly Bulldog Performing The Hottest Songs Of 2016 Is Now My Favorite Video Of The Year

by 2 years ago

I’m a dog person, I loves me some canine companionship, and now that we’re into December I think I’m finally comfortable throwing out claims like ‘xyz is the best of the year’.

In the clip above (via Tastefully Offensive), we see Banjoe the Bulldog performing some of this year’s hottest songs, including but not limited to Sia and Justin Bieber. Obviously, this pupper can’t sing because he’s a chunky butt bulldog and lacks the requisite vocal chords, but what he lacks in speech abilities he makes up for in fat, and those fat rolls can be used to make some incredible music.

This is the second ‘Beats by Bulldog’ of the year, with Banjoe’s previous musical supercut hitting YouTube back in May. If you haven’t seen that one I highly suggest given it a watch as well, as this is WITHOUT QUESTION going to be the high point of your day…Watching Banjoe the Bulldog perform pop songs:

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