Bruce Springsteen Pulls ‘Boss’ Move After Making Kid Tardy For School Following Epic L.A. Show

Bruce Springsteen might be known as “The Boss,” but the longtime musician pulled a boss move for a young fan the other night after his L.A. show went a little bit longer than some might have thought it would, causing the kid to be late to school the following morning.

After Springsteen played an epic, 35-song, three-hour and 29 minute show to a sold out crowd in the L.A. Sports Arena, Scott Glovsky’s son, Xabi, knew he needed a tardy note for when he arrived at school the next day—so Springsteen actually signed the note and snapped a pic with the young concertgoer.

Springsteen had the kid “Dancing in the Dark” for a little bit too long, so he gave him a reason for “No Surrender” when it came to his education…and I’m officially a loser for those references.

[H/T FOX Sports]

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