This Bruno Mars x Grandmaster Flash Mash-Up Is The Addictive Party Anthem Banger You Need Right Now

I have a confession: Bruno Mars’ current single “24K Magic” is one of my favorite dance records in years. It’s just a great pop song a la  all the ’80s dance greats: Prince, Rick James, The Gap Band… Carl Carlton. The list goes on. It’s a funky booty-shaking masterpiece and there’s nothing I love more than getting out the dance floor cobwebs to it right now.

You know what makes it even more addictive? Mashing it with an all-time great early hip hop dance song from the era Bruno Mars is trying to emulate: Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five’s “The Message.” Remixologist Shahar Varshal even mixes in the classic Sugar Hill records beat of the original song towards the end of the jam.

It’s the ear worm you didn’t know you need in your life right now. Throw it on those Halloween party playlists while you can.

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