Chris Cornell Telling Howard Stern That He Wished Kurt Cobain Could Have Hung On Will Gut You

by 11 months ago

Chris Cornell Howard Stern

Back in 2007, Chris Cornell was on the Howard Stern Show. During the interview (which is a great listen from start to finish) the conversation briefly turned to the topic of Kurt Cobain’s death and how his suicide affected Cornell. While he mostly played it off that he wasn’t too personally affected by it, listening to him talk about the people affected by Cobain’s death and how he wished he could have just kept going makes his own suicide all the more puzzling. But that is the deal with suicide. As awful as dying of a disease is, suicide is ten times worse. With suicide comes the great unknown; you can never see into a person’s head to understand why they couldn’t hang on.

The Cobain discussion is at the 9-minute mark, but give the whole thing a listen. It’s worth it.

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