Eminem Just Dropped His New ‘Guts Over Fear’ Video And It Is Dope With A Capital D

Eminem’s new album Shady XV just came out today and in conjunction with its release is this brand-spanking-new music video for his single “Guts Over Fear” featuring Sia.

Just like the new video we just shared with you by Skrillex, Eminem also knows how to make a proper short-film/music video and once again we get to see a fighter as the main protagonist. The difference here is that Eminem’s fighter is one making his way up the ranks and not on his way down as was the case in Skrill’s video.

The fighter in this video is forced to deal with many of life’s issues when trying to make a name for yourself, shitty job, no money, the doubters, but with Eminem’s vocals and Sia’s sweet tones motivating in the background he’s bound and determined to succeed. Hell, I know it sure got me fired up. Where’s that heavy-bag? Guts over fear!

Check it out…