Frank Ocean, Diplo, and The Clash (?) Team Up to Make the Smooth Jam ‘Hero’

Converse’s “Three Artists, One Song” series recently brought together the unlikely grouping of Diplo, Frank Ocean, and The Clash’s Mick Jones and Paul Simonon to create a retro-futuristic jam that succeeds in sounding exactly like what a Clash song should sound like in 2014. “Hero” is smooth, even without the Ocean vocals, and although it’s technically a sponsored effort, it’s better than most stuff that’s made ultimately for commercials. Diplo still knows how to get stoned and play really good, really old records.

Here’s what Diplo had to say about this track:

The Clash were always teachers to me, even before I shared a studio with Paul and Mick. Their musical anarchy and constant attitude to disregard rules and forge their own path was inspirational to me. They meant death to genres, music and message above everything. Frank lives by the same creed in being married to his vision and seeing it through at any cost. We had to challenge each other to make something that we hope no one could expect and Converse valued everyone’s artistic freedom to let us shine throughout the past few months to make this thing happen.

Download here.

[H/T: Stereogum]