Are Young Girls Really Cutting Themselves Because Justin Bieber Got Caught Smoking Weed?

However! The Bieb's young fanbase was disappointed in his behavior, and he was forced to write an apology Tweets over the weekend.

About an hour ago, we noticed that the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter was a little more disturbing than your typical “#ihatemondays” or “#whyshesratchet” or whatever other hashtag would normally be trending today.

Yep, cutting for Bieber. Ho-leeee shit. And if you searched the tag, you saw some really gruesome stuff.

Luckily, it seems that what has been called the “most disturbing hashtag of all time” is made up. And (shockingly), 4chan is to blame. Their board has this discussion below, in which they take responsibility for starting the meme. Complex first discovered the board…

… And soon after, 4chan noticed they had been caught.

It's amazing (and really fucking disturbing) that something can go viral so quickly just because it has to do with Bieber and his massive fanbase. Serious question: Is he the most famous guy in the world at this point?