Kanye West Kind of Announced His Album Release Date Today

He was a brilliant, possibly deranged child writing about having tens of millions of dollars. It was art.

The fun came to an end last year, of course, when Yeezy deleted literally every single one of his tweets. He now only follows baby mama Kim Kardashian, and, until this morning, kept a spartan, blank Twitter account. Here's how he broke his silence:


Many have speculated on what this means. Some of the gossip freaks say June 18 might be his kid's due date, in which case, who gives a shit.

Others think it might mark the release date for his new album. Now we're talking.

Kanye has already previewed the work. Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg heard it recently and said on his show Monday that it's “dark but really good.” Daft Punk, which helped produce at least one song, have also been privy to a preview. “It was very raw: he was rapping — kind of screaming primally, actually,” they said. Theophilus London, TNGHT, and Chief Keef have said they're featured.

And, importantly, West is set to perform on SNL May 18. He's not going to play “Power.” He'll have a couple of singles ready. It all kind of works.

Then there was this:

Journalist Elliot Wilson said earlier today that Def Jam's Chris Atlas had “confirmed” the date. He later retracted. “Clarity: Kanye West album release date has NOT been confirmed. Apologies to Chris Atlas.” 

My bet? Kanye thinks the album is being released June 18, it probably WILL be released June 18, but Def Jam's top brass wants to announce the date on its own terms. Expect a formal announcement soon.

I'm very excited. Once the music starts playing, all the Kanye petulance and lunacy goes out the window. It's kind of ironic, actually, that his Twitter account was the first to announce this news.

[H/T: The Smoking Section]