You Can Get A Kanye West Plain White ‘Hip Hop T Shirt’ For Only $120

I'm the first to admit I'm not into “high fashion” but this hovers somewhere between sad and just flat-out confusing. I'm not sure how any person on the planet can justify selling a shirt for $120 even if it is a “Very loose T-shirt in Egyptian cotton. Short sleeves. Ribbing at neckline. Reinforced neckline and shoulders. 'A.P.C. KANYE' silkscreened inside neckline”.  Which basically amounts to a plain white t-shirt. The sad part comes from the fact that there are (formerly) self-respecting human beings who went out and actually spent the $120 dollars for the $4 shirt simply because it has Kanye West's name screen-printed on the inside of the neck and it is now officially sold out. Thankfully, there are also $265 blue jeans and a $250 short-sleeve hoodie on pre-order if you just HAVE to have some Kanye merchandise.

[H/T: Fahionista]