Dude Makes Better Dubstep Music With A McDonald’s Straw Than 99% Of The Stuff DJ’s Are Putting Out These Days

Are you fed up with the status quo of dubstep DJ’s these days? They show up to the club, hit play, and collect six-figure checks for the same tired beats we’ve all been listening to for years. Well, not this guy. He’s dropping fresh beats, and instead of using his juiced up Macbook Air he’s using a McDonald’s cup and straw.

This man’s the millennial version of Larvell Jones, that dude from Police Academy who used to make all the voices with his mouth. Frankly, I thought beatboxing was dead until I saw this clip. However, the lost art of beatboxing is apparently live and well and lives inside inside of a McDonald’s. Is that a better party trick then me bending my fingers backwards to show that I have a double-jointed left hand? Yes, yes it is. That said, my trick’s still likely to gross a shit ton of people out:

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[YouTube / Parker Kane]