Michael Brun Talks New EP, Dealing with Groupies, and Recognition from the World’s Top DJs

How has the whole groupie aspect changed for you? I mean you're out there in Miami playing show after show and your mentor Dirty South is one of the biggest in the game. Are girls climbing the walls of the club to get at you?

Haha yea well it's pretty different from when I was at college and it can get a little crazy sometimes. This last year has definitely been a lot of fun. I think as an artist though, when you're really serious about the music, you focus on putting on the best show possible for the crowd first and foremost. It's all about moderation and knowing there's a time and place for everything.

What's the most fun event you've played so far and why?

I've had some pretty awesome gigs but I think my favorites so far in terms of raw crowd energy were Governors Island in July and Guatemala in May. For Governors, I played the sunset slot before Dirty South and everyone was so hyped and singing along to every song. I also debuted like 5 new tracks at that show and the reception was so good. Guatemala was also with Dirty South and we had never been before. The gig was in this old movie theatre that had just had the seats cleared out, so it felt a lot like a warehouse. Guatemala also has a weekend curfew so the party had to start at like 8 pm, but the place was packed early. I was surprised by how young the kids were out there at the show, like probably 15 or 16, but they knew all the music and loved the show.

You're slowly but surely becoming a household name in the international DJ with some of your past releases and your upcoming debut EP. How has the ascent to fame been? Are you abiding by Drake's “no new friends” rule, or are we talking to the same old Michael Brun?

Haha yes I'm still the same guy. Getting recognition from some of the legends in the scene has been pretty amazing though, especially from the ones that got me into producing in the first place. If anything that has made me more focused, because I know I'm heading in the right direction.

Speaking of the upcoming EP — how long has this been in the making? And what exclusive details can you leak about the project? C'monnnn, we know you can tell us something!

Man, I've been working on that for almost a year now. The first track I produced for it was Halfway, which features Zashanell on vocals, and I think I met with her for the first writing session in August last year.  Once we had the vocal locked down, I wrote about 5 different full length tracks and dozens of versions and revisions over the course of the year until I decided on the version that is on the EP. The other two tracks are Gravity, a darker progressive big room track, and Antares, which is more of a straight up club track. I knew exactly where I wanted to go for both songs, andI guess because I didn't have vocals on those 2 that I was able to work much faster on them. 

I'm really happy with how all the tracks turned out and can't wait to hear what you guys think.

In making this new EP, I'm sure you've learned a great deal. What are 5 quick pieces of advice you could give to up & coming producers who want to be relevant in today's music industry?

1.) Be your own worst critic – You can always have a better mixdown.

2.) Stay organized – Know where your go-to sounds and samples are.

3.) Save often!! – I can't tell you how many times I had patched a cool synth sound or had a complicated automation going when suddenly Ableton crashed and I had forgotten to save.

4.) Get Feedback – Try and get in touch with other likeminded producers and stay in touch. I've become great friends with some other producers over the last few years and learned so much from them.

5.) Don't give up – if you want it and you work hard enough you can make it happen.