Iggy Azalea And Britney Spears’ Video For ‘Pretty Girls’ Is Bad. So Bad. So Watch It! Then Hate Yourself.

Fun fact: I had not heard Pretty Girls until now. I think maybe I saw links to it and that it had been leaked or released or something, but I never clicked, so this is the first time I’m encountering it.

Holy fudge is it heinous. Fudge! It’s like clomp clop beat lyric blargh blah music.

Like… what the fuck? I don’t want to sound old and curmudgeonly, even though I am, but if this is new music, count me out.

I think the Pretty Girls music video — which just came out today — is making fun of the song’s inherent trash qualities, by dressing Iggy Azalea up in torn denim and Britney Spears in leopard print, but maybe not. I really don’t get it.

Also they are aliens who go to a car wash? That is the whole premise here?

Music videos are weird.

[H/T Marisa Kabas]