Steve Aoki Hilariously Dropped The ‘Titanic’ Theme Song On An Unsuspecting Crowd At Tomorrowland 2015

I wrote about Steve Aoki killing it at his Tomorrowland 2015 set briefly after watching it live on Friday night, so I was happy to see this gem make its way to the internet.

It’d be a troll job if it wasn’t such an awesome testament to the communal love that it takes to go to an enormous festival like Tomorrowland, but when Steve Aoki dropped Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” on the massive crowd, it’s safe to say no one saw it coming.

Steve Aoki did pick the tempo up afterwards, of course, and wrapped his set with a few caked faces, as is protocol for his rock show.

[h/t Fact Mag]