The Main Stage At Tomorrowland Is The Most Mesmerizing Thing I’ve Seen In My Entire Life

by 4 years ago

Right now – on the other side of the world – EDM festival krux Tomorrowland is going down in Belgium and I’m asking myself why the hell I’m not there after coming across these pictures. The stage for the paramount 3-day festival held in the town of De Schorre in Boom is honestly the most EPIC thing I’ve ever fixed my eyes on.

Just colossal in every sense of the word. And packed with the world’s best DJs for three straight days. Eat, drink, rave, repeat…in a mythical Tomorrowland kingdom. The good life indeed. I need to know more, though. Are there jousters and/or turkey legs? Medieval hostels for me forty winks? Pubs to revel in with my good sort?

Pray tell, honestly, if you’re in attendance. I’d love to hear/see it.




If you’re like me, and unfortunately aren’t in Belgium raging your face off this weekend, at least the event is being live-streamed periodically RIGHT HERE. As I write this, Steve Aoki just caked a few lucky fans and shut down the festival for night one, a stellar performance all around.



Welp, there’s another thing for the bucket list.

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