Super Group Consisting of Members From Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill Release Their First Single

With the release of Pokémon Go, and the latest single by super group, Prophets of Rage, July seems to be basking in 90’s nostalgia. The group’s premier, self-titled single shows that that these aging rockers and rap stars still have it.

Consisting of Tom Morello and Brad Wilk from Rage Against The Machine, Chuck D and DJ Lord rom Public Enemy, as well as B-Real of Cypress Hill, this group is bound to make some waves. The last we head of Tom Morello, he was pulling the ‘do you know who I am??’ card.

The super group, whose name stems from Public Enemy’s 1988 song Prophets Of Rage, is planning a massive tour throughout United States. If the band’s guerrilla performance at the Republican National Convention as well as their merchandise are any indication, the group will only be getting angrier and louder as the election process continues.