Waka Flocka Got Sick And Had To Go To The Hospital After Eating Too Many Marijuana Edibles

by 3 years ago

You’d think a seasoned stoner like Waka Flocka would have a high tolerance for marijuana, even in edible form. After all, the rapper hired a “personal blunt roller” for $50,000 two years ago. Turns out he couldn’t handle the potency of marijuana edibles in Seattle, though, and had to be rushed to the hospital by EMTs. XXL Magazine explains it’s because he’s on a vegan diet and the edibles are packed with GMOs that caused a brutal reaction:

Waka Flocka Flame was in Seattle recently enjoying some flowers when he ran into a health snag. You see, Waka’s on a hardcore vegan diet, so when he ingested a couple weed edibles before and after his show in Seattle, he didn’t realize they were loaded with GMOs. Those GMOs can make for a bad reaction in the stomach of a vegan who’s used to eating only natural foods, and that’s exactly what happened with Waka.

Above you can see Waka in an ambulance after eating too many of the delicious treats. Unfortunately, the incident made Waka and his team miss their flight to the East Coast where he’s set to do a number of shows, including a 4/20 show at Webster Hall in New York City. The shows are still going on as scheduled, and the 4/20 one specifically will be with DJ Whoo Kid as the Turn Up Godz invade NYC.

I actually hit up Waka’s 4/20 show last year at Webster Hall, so I’m bummed that Waka had to call it a quits. Gotta stay woke on tour, Flocka. You should know that by now, dude.

Here’s the pic Waka shared of EMTs treating him:

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