John Cena Reveals The Exercise He Hates The Most; Why He Hates The Term ‘Cheat Day’

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Without a question, John Cena has the best entrance music in WWE history. A few weeks ago I jumped on the phone with Cena to talk about cheat days, his fitness routine, and his new Tapout body spray line. The second he jumped on the conference call, part of me expected to hear his signature “dun dun dun dunnnnnnn” before we jumped in the interview.  Instead, I get a polite yet enthusiastic introduction from a WWE PR handler:

“Hello, Brandon. You have WWE superstar John Cena on the line…”

Below is my interview with John Cena, the leader of Cenation himself. If you’d rather listen to the interview, hit the play button in the Soundcloud player below…

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Let’s hear about the new body spray, Tapout body spray. There are a lot of different scents, six different scents. Just wanted to know why you wanted to get behind it, why you wanted a signature body spray, and why you wanted to work with Tap Out.

Well, the relationship with Tapout spans far beyond body spray, the official training brand of the WWE. So we are very much into the athletic apparel, fitness and wellness space. And it was a great natural progression, as we look into– OK, how can we further expand the brand? And when we looked at the body spray market, we knew we could compete with a wonderful product. We have a great partner in Elizabeth Arden who came up with the scents. We have a great partner in Walmart to get us in stores at a great price point, so consumers aren’t going to break the bank with these things. And the scents are wonderful, and we’re actually using our platform to send a message that we always do.

Our trademark is to “be unstoppable.” But it really is, as a body spray, to invoke confidence and invoke self-worth. A lot of the body spray campaigns, oftentimes, feed off of the non-confidence of male. So I guess, in the Pro Bible, if you’re already confident, or if you’re seeking confidence, this is something that it’s a great product at a great price point, that I feel sends a great message.

Awesome, that’s great to hear. How would you personally describe your musk, if you will? I think that everybody has their own musk, and I’m curious what adjective you would use to describe how you feel you smell?

Well, the scent that I gravitate towards has to be long-lasting. I’ve been in a crowded room for 24 hours, and I’m sweating my face off musk. And that’s not really a confident place to be. So I definitely want something that will last. It depends. I go to warm weather and cool weather climate. I think mostly in warm weather, I would define it more as a fresh, like a spring time musk. And then, in the cool weather climate, like a bold– I don’t want to say woodland, but man, that’s probably the best thing I can do.

Woodlands. Very timber-y of you. 


Awesome, so looking back in your career in the ring– obviously, scent is all about inspiring that confidence– what is a moment in your career that you feel like you needed that extra, motivational push?

I think we all have up days and down days, but I’ve never needed to draw anything from anywhere. I’ve always been pretty good in life, in general, since a young age, of getting my ass in here and just doing it. And I think there’s a lot of people out there that can relate to that. There’s a lot of hard workers out there, and this is where this product category is pushing towards. Not only, maybe, will it be able to provide you with that extra push, but at the same time, it is for the driven folks who get out there every day like myself.

I’ve had successes, and I’ve had failures, over my life. There’s never been a point where I was just like “ah man, I don’t know where I’m going to get motivation to make it through the day.” I’ve always been able to pick myself up and dust myself off.

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