Laird Hamilton Revealed His Extreme Performance Training, Shared His Closest Calls With Death

Laird Hamilton Closest Calls Death Training

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Legendary big wave surfer Laird Hamilton was recently the subject of a very in-depth profile done by Graham Bensinger. They covered pretty much everything under the sun, from Hamilton’s diet and Extreme Performance Training (XPT) to when he and his equally legendary volleyball-playing wife Gabrielle Reece almost got a divorce and his closest calls with death.

The 54-year-old Hamilton has been surfing competitively since 1970 and still undergoes a training regimen that would make men half his age wilt under its sheer intensity. His Extreme Performance Training involves, among other things, underwater breathing exercises, heat and ice training (alternating between a sauna and ice bath) and paddleboarding.

Hamilton’s diet is equally intense and is loaded with foods that have a high fat content, which he says helps with concentration and enables him to perform at a vigorous pace for hours.

As for Laird Hamilton and his wife of 20 years, Gabby Reece, almost divorcing, they both shared some crazy stories involving heavy drinking and even an alter ego.

Hamilton also recalled some of the incidents he thought would end his life and losing trust in one friend who wouldn’t put his life on the line to make a save.

Other fascinating topics covered by Hamilton, Reece and Bensinger included PSTD from surfing…

The risk of death and serious injury when surfing monster waves…

Surfing in the 2020 Olympics…

And much, much more, which can all be watched here.

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