Legendary big wave surfer Laird Hamilton ‘shoots the pier’ at Malibu—has gigantic balls

Southern California is currently experiencing some of the largest wave swells seen in years due to Hurricane Marie, and seizing that opportunity big wave legend Laird Hamilton took the opportunity to show off his colossal balls.

If you’re not familiar with ‘shooting the pier’ it’s when a surfer shows just how skilled and badass they are in one fell swoop, by riding a wive through the pylons of a pier. Shooting the pier at Malibu is a right of passage that’s deeply revered in the surfing community, but big wave surfing legend and pioneer Laird Hamilton needs to show off or prove anything to NOBODY.

And that’s precisely what makes this even better. Dude puts himself in harms way amidst one of the biggest wave swells in years, just incredible. But I guess when you’re used to riding waves the size of skyscrapers you need thrills like this to keep your blood pumping. Let’s watch:

I’ve never surfed Malibu, and I guess I had no idea how long that wave broke for. Just incredible. But let’s watch that money shot one more time in GIF, shall we?

P.s., obviously the thumbnail wasn’t related to Laird Hamilton shooting the pier, it was however the money shot of the video that took place after the surfing action…..