Ryan Reynolds Is Looking Totally Shredded For ‘Deadpool 2’ And Here’s How He Did It

by 2 years ago
ryan reynolds shredded deadpool 2 don saladino

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Turns out that Josh Brolin isn’t the only actor that’s ridiculously ripped for his role in Deadpool 2. Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, has obviously been putting in some serious work in the weight room based on a photo his trainer Don Saladino shared to his Instagram account on Thursday.

The photo, showing a side-by-side of Reynolds both in and out of his Deadpool costume, is obviously a response to the creator of Cable, Rob Liefeld’s photo of just how jacked Josh Brolin is looking for his role as Deadpool’s running buddy.

“@joshbrolin , you still have some work to do. 😉,” Saladino captioned the photo.

I don’t know… even Reynolds has said that Brolin has been kicking his ass during filming. Easy to see why too…

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