Why You Should Work Out More Often

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You should work out more often if you want to build muscle faster. Seems simple, right?

The truth is, regular, busy guys (who aren’t on steroids) must train differently than the doped up bodybuilders typically doling out muscle building advice.

You’ll be much better off training more often. Here’s why:

Build The Habit

When it comes to looking great naked, your long-term habits play a critical role in determining your results. Going from 30-day challenge to 30-day challenge isn’t a winning formula–training consistently over time is. Unfortunately, most guys change exercises and programs far too often. They give into the monkey-mind mentality and rarely give their body a chance to work. By training more often, you’ll reinforce sound training as a daily habit, not rely on short spurts of motivation.

Increase Your Motor Learning

If you’ve never done squats before, you’ll probably look like a drunk baby giraffe for the first few reps.


Well, you haven’t learned the basic movement pattern yet. Any time you adopt a new physical activity, their is a motor learning curve. You must familiarize yourself with exercises until they become natural. Only once they become natural can you train long enough and hard enough to build muscle.

This begs the question: how can you improve your rate of motor learning?

Much like learning a language, frequency is key. The more often you practice a language OR training with particular exercises, the faster become familiar and yes, grow.

Why You Should Workout

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Boost Protein Synthesis

When you train a muscle you’ll trigger muscle protein synthesis–the biological trigger to building muscle. The more often you train a muscle the more protein synthesis you’ll trigger and hence, the more muscle you can build.

High movement frequency is the key that unlocks the protein synthesis process. Studies have shown that protein synthesis responds to resistance training and lasts about 24-48 hours afterward. In other words, a training muscle often, say three times per week rather\ than once, increases the number of protein synthesis spikes within a a target muscle, thereby increasing your protein for growth.

Also, protein synthesis keeps you in an anabolic (muscle building) state and keeps your testosterone levels elevated. As a result, you can expect to make consistent gains in size and strength.

What Does All This Mean?

When it comes to building muscle, you’re better off training a muscle multiple times throughout the week. By training more often, you’ll reinforce the habit of training consistently. You’ll improve on the most important muscle building movements quicker. Finally, you’ll trigger protein synthesis more often, leading to quicker muscle muscle.


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