10 Stylish Yet Comfortable Items Every Man Needs This Holiday Season


One of the simplest luxuries in life is being comfortable. Whether it’s from a cozy pair of sweats, heated seats in your car, or a slurp of grandma’s chicken soup, the comfort zone is where a man feels most at home with himself. And when a man is most at home with himself, he thrives.

As creatures, clothes play a big part in how comfortable we feel as human beings on a day-to-day basis. Unfortunately, what looks the best doesn’t necessarily always feel he best, whether it’s from a weird fit or shoddy, below-grade fabric.

Because a true Bro is dedicated to comfort and style, here are 10-must haves for any man who wants to look like a million bucks and feel like they’re living their best life in sweat pants.

Mugsy Jeans — The Hamm’s


A great-looking pair of jeans shouldn’t feel like you’re wrapped in fabric cardboard. They should be soft and relaxed, like slipping into your favorite pair of sweatpants. That’s the great value proposition of Mugsy Jeans, a newcomer in the denim space that touts jeans as comfortable as sweats.

Here’s why they’re awesome, beyond just looking handsome as hell and feeling like the La-Z-Boy chair of jeans: Unlike cookie-cutter denim brands, Mugsy Jeans have lots of room in the crotch for your big ole balls. The cut is not too baggy, not too tight. They’re also made with FLx™ denim, a custom Cotton/Poly/Spandex/Rayon blend that keeps your jeans so cozy that you’ll want to sleep in ’em.


Mugsy’s The Hamm’sare the brand’s dark indigo wash with classic gold stitching. Wear ’em to work, wear ’em out, wear ’em wherever you need a solid pair of jeans you never want to take off (…unless someone extra special takes them off for you).

Price: $98.00

Buy it here

Woolrich Men’s Classical Field Wool Coat


Generations of men after worn this jacket for good reason: It’s one of the most classic hunting coats ever made. A staple in Woolrich’s 175-year clothier tradition, this classic field coat is stuffed pockets and made from a premium wool blend that will keep you toasty in the outdoors all winter long. Just like your great grandfather who stormed the beaches of Normandy, this jacket looks great when you’re keeping it casual and doesn’t put up with any bullshit.

Price: $249.95

Buy it here


RVCA’s That’ll Do Long-Sleeve Oxford Shirt


Legendary California surf and skate wear company RVCA is all about living simply and in balance. Light and breathable, RVCA’s signature long-sleeve Oxford keeps it casual, making it a perfect choice for an active, upwardly mobile Bro aspires to be his best wherever he is, from bar to board room.

Price: $33.00 – $50

Buy it here


Classic Timex Chronographs


Classic style and reliability in a watch under $50? It almost seems too good to be true. Timex’s Chronographs have become legendary over the past couple years for handsome chronographs watch faces that don’t break the bank.

Price: $39.96

Buy it here


Mugsy Jeans — The Studio Blues


Like The Hamm’s, Mugsy’s Studio Blues are also the perfect combination of soft, breathable, and stretch with plenty of room for your junk, just in a super dark blue wash with monochromatic stitching. They’re tailored in the leg to look great, making the studio blues perfect for a night hitting the bars.

Price: $98

Buy it here


UGG Australia Men’s Leather Ascot Slipper


Few slippers will change your life like the UGG Ascots. An enemy to cold feet everywhere, the cozy lining UGG Ascots is made from genuine shearling or plush UGGpure™, which UGG says is “a textile made entirely from wool but shaped to feel and wear like genuine shearling.” Yes, they’re expensive. Yes, they look like something Hugh Hefner would wear around the Playboy mansion circa 1965. But it’s worth the splurge — You’ll never wear another pair slippers ever again after spending a winter with your toes wrapped in that premium shearling.

Price: $119.95

Buy it here


California Cowboy — The High Water Shirts


The Summer of 2016 was the year the Hunter S. Thompson-inspired Hawaiian shirt made an all-time great comeback. One of the great indie-label trailblazers in the space is California Cowboy, a California-based men’s casual shirt company that markets colorful summer party shirts with beer pockets. It the brainchild of former Levi Strauss & Co employee Drew Clark, who awesomely described the brand’s signature party shirt, The High Water, to us back in April: “The High Water is inspired by the retro cabana suits and reflective of authentic California culture. The style we did is real throwback – vintage inspired. Two of our three prints are hand painted.”

Price: $135

Buy it here


The Southern Tide Skipjack Polo


A time-honored staple in every SEC-school alum’s wardrobe. There’s a secret weapon in how Southern Tide makes their flagship polo shirt, the Southern Tide Skipjack Polo. There’s a tiny blend of elastic in soft premium fabric, making Southern Tide polos easily the most comfortable polos on the market. Beloved by Bros for years, Southern Tide polos come in every color of the rainbow. There’s no excuse to find one that you won’t live in during warmer weather season.

Price: $79.50

Buy it here


Calvin Klein Men’s Cross Dye French Terry Full Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt


In the wise words of Leonardo da Vinci, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The best things in life are the simple things. That is as true with great meals and dates as it is with the ultimate hoodies. Sometimes you just don’t need a gawdy brand on a soft hoodie for it to be stylish. Which is why every Bro needs to be acquainted with the Calvin Klein Cross Dye French Terry — A hoodie you can wear on a second date and show just how comfortable you really are in your own skin.

Price: $89.50

Buy it here


Mugsy Jeans — The Kinzies


Sometimes you just want a pair of jeans with that timeless casual Friday look. Sometimes you need to channel your inner-Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, and John Mellencamp. Enter The Kinzies. Inspired by a timeless washed denim look, Kinzie’s are Mugsy’s  denim with natural hand fading in a deep indigo color. Unlike other inferior jeans that feel like fiberglass on your legs, these are as comfy as your favorite pajama pants thanks to Mugsy’s super-soft FLx™ denim.

Price: $98

Buy it here

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