5 Bourbons, Ryes, And Single Malts To Check Out This Spring

best Spring 2023 Whiskey releases so far

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Each Spring brings out some of the best whiskey releases of the year and I wanted to highlight five of my favorite whiskey releases so far this year.

Whether you are looking for an ultra-premium bottle that will be very hard to find, or looking for a whiskey with an approachable price point, I think I’ve covered all the bases here.

Booker’s Bourbon ‘Charlie’s Batch’

Booker's Bourbon Charlie's Batch

The first Booker’s Bourbon batch of 2023, Charlie’s Batch, just hit shelves and it is named in honor of a man by the name of Charlie Hutchens. While that name might not ring a bell, if you drink Booker’s Bourbon then you’re familiar with his work.

Charlie Hutchen is the wood craftsman behind the Booker’s Bourbon iconic wooden boxes that each bottle is sold in. Mr. Hutchen is also a longtime family friend and former employee of Booker Noe, the man for whom Booker’s Bourbon is named after.

Charlie’s Batch was aged for 7 years, 1 month, and 8 days. It clocks in at 126.6 proof and has a deep gorgeous amber color. This bourbon carries balanced notes of vanilla, oak, and toasted nuts with a long warm finish.

Shop Booker’s Bourbon Here

Wolves American Single Malt ‘Lot One’

Wolves Whiskey California

California’s Wolves Whiskey is a new collaboration between 13th-generation distiller Marko Karakasevic, streetwear icon Jon Buscemi, and James Bond of ‘Undefeated’ apparel.

They recently debuted their first American Single Malt named Lot One. The hefty price tag of $289 didn’t stop this limited release from selling out fast because it is one of those rare whiskey releases that lives up to the hype.

12 barrels were distilled in 2015 using an antique alambic brandy still, two-row pale malted barley, and California Ale yeast was used for the fermentation.

The 12 barrels received an array of char treatments ranging from light toast to Char #3. 11 of the 12 barrels (capped with Hungarian and American Oak heads) were blended together for a 110-proof expression.

The nose is full of honey, maple syrup, vanilla, and currant. On the palate, you’ll find heavy oak, California stone fruit, dark chocolate and a hint of port. You can visit the Wolves Whiskey website to learn more about their releases and availability, and/or check ReserveBar below to see if it’s available online.

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WhistlePig’s Bespoke Old World Rye, Aged 12 Years

WhistlePig's Bespoke Old World Rye, Aged 12 Years


An all-new WhistlePig’s Bespoke Old World Rye Aged 12 Years was released exclusively to Black Bourbon Society Members across the US (25,000+ members).

This Old World Rye Aged 12 Years is a blend of 12-year WhistlePig rye comprised of juice that’s been aged in 40% Madeira Casks, 40% Sauternes Casks, and 20% Port casks and it is 86 proof. As is the case with all of my favorite WhistlePig releases, it is absolutely bursting with flavors of rye spice and maple syrup.

Founded by Samara B. Davis, the Black Bourbon Society is a membership organization that is making bourbon more approachable through education and access to help more people gain an appreciation of Bourbon.

If interested, you can learn more about the Black Bourbon Society here and check out a list of their upcoming events and tastings.

Oak & Eden Customizable Whiskies

Oak and Eden finished whiskies

Oak and Eden

I came across Oak & Eden’s customizable finished whiskeys a few months back and have been meaning to share this with you guys since because it really is an incredible approach to customization.

This is a first-of-its-kind customization program that allows customers to tweak the recipe, proof, and flavors to create truly unique expressions.

You first start by choosing the whiskey and there are 4 options : Bourbon, Four Grain Bourbon, Rye, Wheated Bourbon, and Rye. Next you choose the proof: 90 or 114 proof. The third step is picking an oak spire, American or French oak, for a sweet or peppery finish. Lastly, you can choose to add an infusion of Coffee, Honey, or any of the 11 options to truly customize the bottle.

If you or someone you know wants a bespoke bourbon experience at an approachable price, this is it. It is $79 for the 114 proof and $64 for the 90-proof option. You can click through on the link below to tinker with the customization tool for yourself and see what it’s all about.

Oak & Eden Whiskey Customizer

Ardbeg Heavy Vapours Scotch

Ardbeg Heavy Vapours scotch

This year for Ardbeg Day, the annual day when Ardbeg throws a festival to celebrate all things Ardbeg, they are releasing Heavy Vapours.

Heavy Vapours came to exist because a missing purifier at the Ardbeg distillery led to a first-of-its-kind scotch release from the Port Ellen, Islay distillery. The ‘purifier’ is “an apparatus on the still responsible for maintaining Ardbeg’s unrivaled balance between extreme peat and floral fruitiness.”

Accompanying this special release is a graphic novel from illustrator Dilraj Mann which you can see a taste of here:

Heavy Vapours is a single malt, 50.2% ABV, Islay scotch. It packs heavy, unbridled smoke intertwined with sweetness. Look for notes of coffee grinds, dark chocolate, coal, and peppermint.

Ardbeg Heavy Vapours can be pre-ordered (below) on ReserveBar.

Shop Ardbeg Heavy Vapours Here

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