Amazon Dropped A Commercial For Their Drone Delivery Service Because THE FUTURE IS NOW

amazon drone delivery commercial

Getty Image

Amazon‘s so close to their revolutionary 30-minutes or less drone delivery service that they’ve just dropped a commercial outlining what it’ll actually look like when launched. They’ve hired Jeremy Clarkson, previously of Top Gear, to voice the commercial because everyone knows we Americans believe anything told to us by someone with a British accent.

Frankly, I’m impressed. Amazon’s figured out a way to deliver condoms in the same amount of time it’d take for a guy to run out and buy some from the nearest CVS. And couples who are desperately in need of some BDSM straps for the bedroom can stay in that bedroom and wait until they hear the thud of the product outside of their home instead of having to drive on down to the local sex shop.

The future truly is now. Even Back to the Future couldn’t fathom this sort of technology, instead they imagined some weird world full of impractical hoverboards. There’s actually a metric shit ton of information already available on Amazon’s website for you to pour over, so if you’re interesting in learning more about how/when the Amazon Prime Drone Delivery service will officially launch then CLICK HERE to check it out.

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least acknowledge that today is Cyber Monday and there’s A TON OF AMAZING VIDEO GAME DEALS available.