Anthony Bourdain’s Watch Collection Is Up For Auction Including Two Rolexes, A Patek Philippe, And More

Anthony Bourdain

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It has been 491 days since Tony left the world. I won’t use this time to talk about how much I loved Anthony Bourdain‘s body of work, his general approach to life, and respect for his fellow man, but I will take this time to praise his choice of watches.

Anthony Bourdain wasn’t as prolific of a collector as some other high-profile celebrities but his watch collection was still formidable. Eight of his watches are now up for auction on iGavel Auctions from now through October 30th and the bidding is already more active than 99% of the auctions I come across.

There are eight watches available to bidders, all priced at over $1,000 already, with the most expensive piece currently at over $9,000 in bidding. Among the collection are some watch names you’ll certainly recognize, from Rolex to Tag Heuer to Panerai.

Here’s a rundown of the watches from Anthony Bourdain’s collection that are available in this auction running through (almost) the end of the month:

1. Rolex 9K Rose Gold Watch, Ca. 1930
— 19 bids, the current highest bid is $3,200

2. Rolex Men’s Oyster Perpetual Date Blue Dial and Stainless Steel Watch
— 32 bids, the current highest bid is $8,250

3. Patek Philippe Calatrava Isochronism Glass Back 18k Gold Watch
— 15 bids, the current highest bid is $9,000

4. J Jacot Locle Coin Silver Pocket Watch
— 14 bids, the current highest bid is $1,450

5. C.C. Filson Co. Smokey Bear Wristwatch
— 10 bids, the current highest bid is $1,250

6. Tag Heuer Monaco Wristwatch
— 19 bids, the current highest bid is $4,100

7. Ball Standard Fireman Storm Chaser DLC Glow Automatic Limited Edition Watch
— 6 bids, the current highest bid is $1,700

8. Panerai Radiomir Wristwatch
— 24 bids, the current highest bid is $6,000

It is kind of funny to imagine Bourdain caring about high-end watches when it seems like the opposite of the man we knew on camera. I suspect that many of these were gifts and others were mementos he picked up along his travels. It’s hard to imagine him geeking out over a Rolex or Patek Philippe without some underlying sentimentality. Here’s a watch junkie breaking down Bourdain’s collection and how much they can mean to a person:

Anthony Bourdain’s watches are the only items up for auction in the collection. You can also bid on his personal art collection, iconic pieces of his wardrobe, and more.

One of those items that will drive a lot of attention is Tony’s custom US Navy Jacket from the USS Nashville. That currently has 23 bids. Personally, aside from the watches, the item I’d be most interested in bidding on in his auction is this collection of his vinyl records including some from The Velvet Underground.

You can check out all of the items in the auction here on iGavel.

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