Get A Professional Sharpening At Home With Over $100 Off This Knife Sharpener

Get a Professional Sharpening at Home With Over $100 Off This Knife Sharpener

A reliable knife is the workhorse of any kitchen and is at the top of any list of kitchen essentials. And the biggest factor of a knife’s reliability is its edge. Is it sharp? Most chefs will tell you that the easiest way to cut yourself in the kitchen is actually by using a knife that isn’t sharp enough to get the job done easily. Not only is a sharp knife safer, but it’s also far more pleasant to use. Unfortunately, knives dull over time. Professional sharpening can be very expensive, and whetstones take skill to use correctly. 

Fortunately, there’s a solution to keeping your blades in pristine shape: the Angle Pro Knife Sharpener with Angle Gauge. The Angle Pro takes the guesswork out of at-home blade sharpening, delivering a professional quality, razor-sharp edge ready to take on any kitchen task. For a limited time, you can bring home an Angle Pro Knife Sharpener for only $69.99, down from $199. Or, you can bring one home for yourself and one home as a gift with a two-pack for only $126.99. 

What sets the Angle Pro Knife Sharpener with Angle Gauge apart is its distinct sharpeners for varying blade angles. Kitchen knives are sharpened to angles that range from 13 to 21 degrees. The problem with most at-home sharpeners is that they usually don’t account for different blade angles, and when they do, they leave the user to guess which angle their knife has. Users of the Angle Pro can take advantage of the integrated angle gauge to pinpoint their blade’s angle, use the correct sharpeners for that blade angle, and ensure a perfect edge every time. 

Users and reviewers alike love Angle Pro’s tungsten carbide rods for their ease of use and the high-quality edges they produce for their blades. The Gadget Flow comments, “It hones, sharpens, and gives your knife a new edge at every angle.” It’s no wonder Angle Pro was successfully funded on Kickstarter.

Whether you’re sharpening knives for your commercial kitchen or keeping your blades sharp at home, save money and time with the Angle Pro Knife Sharpener with Angle Gauge, on sale for $69.99. And for a limited time, when you spend $50 in our store, you’ll get $10 in store credit added to your account within days. Just make sure your total after returns exceeds $50. 

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