This Affordable Desk Lamp Will Actually Help You Work Longer And Offers A Feature Every Lamp Needs

Aukey LED lamp with USB

The majority of my writing work gets accomplished at two different times of day — incredibly early in the morning and way too late at night. I’m usually sitting at my desk by 5:15 AM and sit down again to work after 11 PM. Both times of day call for the correct lighting.

This Aukey LED desk lamp is perfect for early risers and late workers because it offers adjustable color temperatures, from bright white light to warm yellow light. You can gradually change brightness levels depending on the time of day so you’re not getting blasted with light when you’re eyes can’t handle all of the exposure.

The lamp also comes with a USB port to charge devices. More lamps need that feature. It will come in handy, trust me.

Best of all, this Aukey LED lamp is 20% off today. Burning the midnight (or morning) oil without burning your retinas and pick up this lamp today.

BUY IT NOW: $39.99

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