Bacon Vodka! Plus 10 Things We Want

Bakon Vodka, $35.99

Quick, what are the two best parts of brunch? Bacon and Bloody Marys, right? But for far too long, these two items have been completely separate entities. Bacon all the way over there on the plate and Bloody Mary elsewhere on the table in a cup. If only they could be closer. More intimately involved in my mouth.

Well someone much smarter than us went ahead and invented Bakon Vodka and we want it. It's exactly as awesome as it sounds like: vodka flavored with bacon.

Bakon Vodka comes from Seattle and is potato vodka distilled with the smoky, peppery essence of bacon to give the spirit a delightful finish. And to be the perfect base for a pint glass full of tomato juice, hot sauce, Worcestershire and a celery. Yes, it's what's been missing from our Bloody Marys all these years. 

Edifier Extreme Connect, $89 

Don't let the Extreme Connect's size fool you: This speaker features two front-facing full-range speaker drivers and a rear-facing passive bass radiator. The battery runs on a 12-hour charge, and it's lightweight enough to carry anywhere. Think of it as a potent portable.

Like most new speakers on the market, the Extreme Connect is Bluetooth-enabled, however few others can match the Edifier's price. Good look here.

Speakeasy Briefs, $23.95

We've all needed to smuggle in a flask from time to time—be it a football game, a music festival, a funeral. Patdowns are common, though, and the flask juts out from your pocket. There is the ever-present threat of impounded booze.

Enter the Speakeasy Briefs. It has a special pocket—I'm not kidding—right in front of your package. You can fit a flask in there, and the underwear is comfortable, too. This is the future in breif technology.

And hey, a bonus for BroBible readers! The guys from Speakeasy are offering 20% off your order. Discount code: brobible.  

The Cornetto Trilogy, $35

Three of the best comedy films of the past decade, all available in one package. Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World's End are ideal for a Saturday marathon. Buy this.

Dr. J: The Autobiography and Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth, $18/each

Dr. J and Mike Tyson have both written autobiographies. Tyson's was excerpted this week on Deadspin and Rolling Stone, and the few hundred words confirmed that Tyson a.) used to travel with bricks of cocaine, and b.) once saw Rick James actually punch Charlie Murphy, ala Chappelle's Show. So yeah, I'll probably be reading.

J's is a different story. So much of his career took place before widespread NBA coverage, and he's become an enigma in an age when we know everything about his successors. His book could be a rewarding intro to a sports icon. 

CLAE Winter Collection, Around $150

If you're looking for a pair of boots this winter, CLAE's Vibram collection is pretty great. The line is rugged, yet it uses CLAE's sneaker influence to give each boot a modern feel. And it's affordable. Highlights include the Strayhorn (above), which features a waxed leather upper and surprising colorways, and the Romare Hi, a mid-top with waterproof, full-grain leather. (H/T: to Hypebeast.)

Outlier Double Bag, $48

Brilliant. Fucking brilliant. Outlier has figured out a way to separate your clean clothes from the dirty when travelling. An adjustable barrier keeps the two sides packed neatly apart. (The GIF above will explain the process better than I can.)

Meaning that: Finally, the trip from Vegas doesn't have to end with you burning your laundry. This is 'yuge.

Iconic Mesh 1400 Sneakers by J. Crew, $160

Last fashion thing of the week. I promise. This amount of stuff was egregious and, frankly, wrong.

For the preppiest of preppy bros, New Balance and J. Crew just teamed up to reissue the mesh 1400 sneaker. It comes in All-American colors and yes, it's American-made. Maine, to be exact.

Weirdly, Vampire Weekend begins playing each time you put on a shoe, and it may cause you to take up croquet. You've been warned.

Gentleman's 8″ Wall Clock, $10

We're halfway through Movember, and while on the subject of mustaches and time, this is a clock that displays facial hair beside its numbers. I'm partial to 5 o'clock's Hanz Joseph.

A Batmobile, Around £90,000

A Batman superfan built his own Michael Keaton-era Batmobile, and yes, it works. The car includes a straight six, fuel-injected Jaguar engine, automatic transmission, and—much more importantly—A FULLY OPTIONAL FLAMETHROWER. (As well as a hydraulic suspension that lifts the car nine inches off the ground. And a “smoke release mechanism” which I will refer to as “smoke bombs.”)

The Batmobile goes to auction in the U.K. later this month. Its asking price is high. But it's considered to be “one of the best after-production, fully road-legal models ever made.” And it has a flamethrower. I don't even think that's legal.