50 Best Father’s Day 2019 Gifts That Dad Actually Wants This Year


Father’s Day is just around the corner and I’m here to help you gentlemen (and ladies) get ahead of schedule and do your Father’s Day gift shopping now. Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16th so be sure to mark your calendars and get in your orders early.

This is a particularly special Father’s Day for me because it’s my first Father’s Day as a dad. What I’m getting at here is I basically expect everyone in my family to buy me Father’s Day gifts to distract me from the fact that my 2-month-old infant son is screaming from his bassinet.

Given my particular expertise here at BroBible over the years in crafting together gift guides of things guys actually want to purchase I thought I’d throw together a list of 2019 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for everyone to sift through and pick out the best items for dad. You can scoop up any of the Father’s Day gifts below by clicking any of the links in this article.

FuegoBox Hot Sauces

fuego box best father's day gifts

Fuego Box

I guess I came into fatherhood at the perfect time because I’ve currently got a collection fo about 15 to 20 hot sauces in my fridge and another 5+ on the shelf in my pantry. I’ve got truffled hot sauces, habanero hot sauces. I have everything from a blueberry hot sauce for putting on breakfast burritos to a banana buffalo sauce for wings that will change your life. I’m always on the hunt for new hot sauces and that’s why FuegoBox is so incredible.

You can get $10 off a FuegoBox membership with the code ‘BROBIBLE10’ and pay only $19.95 for $29.95 worth of hot sauce!


Treat Dad To The GilletteLabs Heated Razor

Father's Day Best Gifts 2019 Gillette Heated Razor


There’s a decent chance that your father is the man who taught you how to shave your face. Now you can repay that favor by hooking dad up with the hottest razor in the world right now. The GilletteLabs Heated Razor is a complete game-changer because it provides all of the luxuries of a barbershop hot towel shave at the press of a button. Thanks to the evolution of shaving technology, the GilletteLabs Heated Razor has taken their traditional 5 blade razor to the next level by adding a heated blade. Within seconds, the blade will heat to temperatures of 109 – 119 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you really want to put a smile on dad’s face this Father’s Day then give him the best razor out there so he can shave away that stubble like a professional and experience the best shaving years of his life at home.


Take Dad Fishing (Or Get Him Some Fishing Gear)

Dads love fishing. This is a universal fact. If anyone ever asks me what I want for Father’s Day the answer can either be long-winded with a list of random shit or they could save me the breath and just take me fishing. I know that finding a great fishing guide to put you on the fish can be a pain in the butt and that’s why I’m suggesting you go out with Capt. Jimmy of Everglades Fishing Co. who was featured on Fox News (and here on BroBible) for this crazy footage of a 500-pound Goliath Grouper swallowing a shark like it was nothing.

You can get dad a half day or full day fishing charter in the Everglades National Park fishing inshore or the backcountry (or both) where he’ll be able to catch everything from Snook to Tarpon to Cobia to Sharks. I’m a HUGE proponent of buying experiences instead of material items when possible. Make this a Father’s Day to live a little and go fishing instead of just buying dad another flask. Everglades Fishing Co. also sells a ton of premium fishing gear including UPF hats and shirts (shirt pictured above). Pick up one of these for dad so he can wear it while fishing!


Deejo Knives For Everyday Carry

Deejo Knives are a perfect addition to every guy's daily travel game


Dad loves pocket knives. I’d wager there’s actually a pretty good chance that your father is the person who gave you your very first pocket knife in life. Now is the time to return the favor with one of these Deejo Knives.

These unique Deejo Knives pocket knives feature interesting and customizable blade tattoos. In fact, these are some of the most customizable knives on the planet so you can ensure that dad gets a pocket knife he’ll truly love. They are super light and ideal for everyday carry. After choosing your blade and handle you can pick a unique ‘tattoo’ to make the knife your own as well as choosing the blade and handle features.


‘Leisure Sodas’ from Casamara Club

best father's day gifts 2019

Casamara Club

A college friend of my wife’s started this company, Casamara Club, based out of Detroit. These ‘leisure sodas’ are all based on familiar flavors like the Negroni and Amaro but these are alcohol-free sodas. Don’t get me wrong, they make PERFECT mixers if you want to pour some alcohol in them, but they are low in sugar but still manage to pack a ton of flavor.

I’ve turned a few friends onto these sodas and they are hooked. I personally recommend picking up the variety pack instead of buying the individual flavors but to each his own, you can’t go wrong with these. If you’re looking to wow dad with a unique gift, something he hasn’t seen before, then this is it.


Christopher Cloos Sunglasses For Dad

father's day best gifts 2019 Christopher Cloos sunglasses

Christopher Cloos

Don’t let dad step out this Summer rocking those transition lenses or hideous 1980’s-style sunglasses. Help dad out and hook him up with some Christopher Cloos sunglasses that will have him looking 10-years younger and stylish.

Above, we see the Christopher Cloos Passable Collection sunglasses in Espresso. This classic design of shades is named for the South of France and feature a round but minimalistic shape with polarized CR39 lenses, gold engravings, durable and flexible hinges, and they come with a signature leather case + cleaning cloth.


3 of the Best Rye Whiskeys For Dad

Best Whiskey of 2019 All Types Bourbon Single Malt Rye Scotch Blends

Want to hook dad up with some quality Rye Whiskey? I recently published a piece on 22 of the Best Whiskeys of 2019 (so far) and I’ve pulled some items here from that. Here we see three of my favorite Rye expressions. By law, an official ‘Rye Whiskey’ must be made from a mash of at least 51% Rye and all of these qualify. We begin with the Knob Creek Straight Rye Whiskey which has a strong spice and hints of oak with vanilla to the taste. Second is Basil Hayden’s Dark Rye Whiskey which has been on my bar shelf since the month it came out. I love this Dark Rye which carries a finish of lingering fruit and has a complex taste of caramel, oak, spice, and dried fruit.

The Bullet 12-Year-Old Rye is a newer expression, it was released in March 2019 so just a few months ago. This small-batch Rye has a mash bill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley and has plenty of spice and oak on the nose while it opens up with strong notes of clove and vanilla.

[1] Knob Creek Straight Rye Whiskey

[2] Basil Hayden’s Dark Rye Whiskey

[3] Bulleit 12-Year-Old Rye

‘Surf Collection’ From Highly Clutch

Highly Clutch Surf Collection 2019

Do you have a super chill dad? Look no further than the Surf Collection from Highly Clutch. These throwback vintage-style tees come on premium heather and they’re super affordable. You can pick up dad one of these t-shirts and get out of Father’s Day without having to spend a fortune.


3 of the Best Bourbons of 2019

Best Whiskey of 2019 All Types Bourbon Single Malt Rye Scotch Blends

Moving onto the Bourbons and Single Malts, we’ve got six but we’ll start with the three above. First up is the Heaven’s Door Double Barrel Whiskey which is a unique blend of three whiskeys. Fun fact about this distillery, Bob Dylan is a partner in it. This 100-proof Bourbon was awarded 93-points and won ‘Double Gold’ at the San Francisco Spirits Competition.

Next is the Orphan Barrel Whiskey Co. Forager’s Keep and I know this is under the ‘Bourbon’ section but it’s actually a Single Malt that I wanted to make sure you guys didn’t miss. This is 26-years matured and rescued from the Speyside Pittyvaich distillery which shuttered its doors in 1993 due to restructuring. Forager’s Keep is the first single malt release from Orphan Barrel and it blew me away.

Third, is Booker’s “Teresa’s Batch”. I couldn’t put together a list of the best whiskey on the planet without including Bookers. Their annual ‘batch’ releases are the highlights of my year and Teresa’s Batch has been divine. It has a dark amber color and carries flavor notes of vanilla, nuts, and oak. This was the first Booker’s Batch release of 2019 and the second is out now, the Shiny Barrel Batch which you can read all about by clicking that link.

[1] Heaven’s Door Double Barrel Whiskey

[2] Orphan Barrel Whiskey Co. Forager’s Keep

[3] Booker’s “Teresa’s Batch”

Help Dad ‘Meet His Genes’ With 23andMe

Father's Day Best Gifts 2019 23andMe


Dads love history. They love knowing where they came from. If dad hasn’t check out 23andMe yet then NOW is the time. They offer up 125+ genetic reports so he can truly get to know his genes, history, health, and have a greater understanding of how he came to inhabit the world around him.

23andMe offers up 35+ Ancestry reports, 5+ Wellness reports, 40+ Carrier Status reports, and 30+ reports on Traits. This is the most comprehensive look at genetic makeup that you can get and it’s an absolute steal right now. Just follow that link below and get your kit today and you’ll get your reports within 2-4 weeks!


Bepoke Post Themed Boxes For Dad

Bespoke Post Boxes For Men

Bespoke Post

Here we’re looking at the awesome Bespoke Post Themed Boxes For Men. These personalized boxes are tailored to fit your needs and lifestyle (they cost $45 but each box has a $70+ value).

You set it up by taking a short quiz and they handle the rest by hand-picking you some of the finest gear on the planet. Items in the Bespoke Post Boxes range from things like Dopp kits to knives to tailgating and grooming gear and pretty much everything else on the planet. Give them a look, take the quiz, and thank me later.


5 Handmade Birdfeather Bowties Dad Will Love

brackish bowties feather preppy

Brackish Bowties

Brackish Bowties have been on my radar for several years now. Dad loves to look good just like anybody else and there’s a solid chance that your father’s necktie/bowtie collection hasn’t changed in years. Do him a favor and pick him up one of the finest around.

[1] Mayfly Guinea & Pheasant Feather Bowtie [$195]

[2] Edisto Peacock Feather Bowtie [$195]

[3] Chisolm Peacock Feather Bowtie [$225]

[4] Durham Peacock & Guinea Feather Bowtie [$195]

[5] St. Pierre Rooster, Pheasant & Guinea Feather Bowtie [$195]

Dr. Squatch All Natural Soap

Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Soap

Dr. Squatch

Help dad smell like a man for Father’s Day by hooking him up with some Dr. Squatch Soap. Every man wants to smell good and that’s never been easier than with all natural Dr. Squatch Soap.

Dr. Squatch is made from all natural ingredients, they have badass scents dad will love like Pine Tar, Nautical Sage, Bay Rum, and others that will remind him of the great outdoors, and his skin will feel as good as it ever has. Dad is going to love Dr. Squatch, this much I know.


5 Watches For Day That Won’t Break The Bank

5 best affordable watches for men summer 2019

Here we see five of the best men’s watches for Summer 2019 that are under $225. There’s no reason that you need to spend thousands of dollars on dad (or have the money in the bank to do that) so here are some affordable options for Father’s Day 2019.

[1] Centric Instruments Lightwell Field Watch [$194]

[2] Timex x Todd Snyder Blackjack [$99]

[3] Official Hawaii Lifeguard Assoc. Dive Watch (Sale) [$186]

[4] Timex Navi Ocean [$155]

[5] Armogan Spirit of St Louis Chronograph [$225]

Monthly Knife Club

Monthly Knife Club

If your dad appreciates pocket knives then he’s going to LOVE Monthly Knife Club. For anywhere between $10-$45/month they will send him (or you) a brand new, premium craftsmanship pocket knife.

The $25 starter subscription is a great way to build dad’s knife collection (or yours), offering blades from Kershaw, SOG, CRKT, Spyderco and more each and every month. This is a fantastic value and you’ll have a new knife for just $25 every month. They also have individual knives for sale and you can scoop up any of them a la carte by following the link below.


5 Slim Wallets Dad Will Love

best everyday carry slim wallets 2019

I think my dad has only owned 3 wallets throughout my entire life. And 2 of those 3 were purchased by me as gifts. Do dad a favor and get him a new wallet this year, he’ll thank you.

[1] WP Standard Small Card Wallet in Tan Leather [$38]

[2] Pioneer Matter Bifold (Cards + Cash) in Onyx [$80]

[3] Madera Poquito Cherry Wood Slim Wallet [$55]

[4] Bellroy Card Sleeve in Black Leather [$55]

[5] Ridge Wallet Aluminum Wallet + Money Clip [$72]

YETI Rambler Bottle MagDock Cap Accessory

father's day gifts 2019 magnetic lid


Does dad have a YETI Rambler? Did you know that all of the caps/lids on YETI Ramblers are completely interchangeable? This one is magnetic, I have it at home and use it on the bottle I take every day to the gym and it’s amazing. When you’re drinking, you just screw the cap off and pop it on the side where it hangs thanks to the built-in magnets.


Stylish Handmade Woven Belts From Colombia

Macondo Belts handmade in Colombia

You know what dad appreciates? A fine belt. These handmade woven Macondo Belts from Colombia are stunning and they’re made with generations of experience. Scoop up dad one of these belts and he’ll be the sharpest looking guy at the beach club this Summer.


Premium Yuketen Leather Loafers And Mocs Handmade In The USA

Yuketen Leather Loafer and Canoe Moc

Is your father the type of guy who loves supporting American craftsman? Then check out these premium Yukethen Leather loafers and mocs. They aren’t cheap but you love dad so you can treat him to something nice for Father’s Day.

The Yuketen Loafer comes in two leather styles, Brown and Timber. The Yuketen Moc comes in Brown and Olive. I’ve made slip-in shoes and slip-on loafers a staple of my warm weather style for several years now and I’m inviting you gentlemen to give this style a shot by investing in yourself with one of the finest hand-stitched shoes in America.


Treat Dad To A New Dopp Kit

best men's dopp kits under $75

Does your dad travel (ever)? Then he needs a quality Dopp kit just like the rest of us. Check out these five affordable Dopp kits and scoop up dad one so it’s locked and loaded for his next trip!

[1] Topo Designs 1000d Invista CORDURA Dopp Kit [$34]

[2] Old Enfield Supply Co. Heritage Dopp Kit [$75]

[3] Peak Design Wash Pouch [$60]

[4] Standard Issue Leather Dopp Kit [$49]

[5] Patagonia Black Hole Cube (Medium) [$39]

The BroBible team writes about gear that we think you want. Occasionally, we write about items that are a part of one of our affiliate partnerships and we will get a percentage of the revenue from sales.