The 15 Best Gaming Mice Under $100 To Turn You Into The Gamer God You Were Always Meant To Be

best gaming mice under 100

Any PC gamer knows that a killer gaming mouse can mean all the difference between total pwnage and being the pwned. After all, when it comes to anything that requires pinpoint precision, a great gaming mouse isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity.

So here are the 15 best gaming mice available for under $100, all of which will take your gaming greatness to whole new levels.

Redragon M601

With five programmable buttons, and an adjustable DPI (dots per inch, which measures how sensitive your mouse is), this ultra-affordable gaming mouse should meet the needs of all but the most hardcore of gamers. It’s listed as “Amazon’s choice” which means it’s endorsed by Amazon itself, and the 5,000 reviews attached to it means that’s it’s as battle tested as it comes.

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Jelly Comb 4000 DPI Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

Seven adjustable buttons give you a couple more options here, and the five adjustable DPI settings (up to 4,000) mean that you can play around with it until you find just the right level of sensitivity. The ergonomic design also means that you can game in comfort for hours and hours on into the night without worrying about cramping.

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Corsair Gaming M65

This gaming mouse is a slight step up the ladder, both in price and in terms of features available. With an adjustable DPI up to 12,000, all of which can be adjusted with a quick click of a button, you’ve got a wide range of sensitivity options for any and every scenario. Oh, and it’s also rated to last for 20 million clicks, so you won’t have to worry about having to swap it out for a new one in six months.

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Pictek Gaming Mouse

Another so-called “budget” gaming mouse, this one offers a little more bang for the buck than others at the price range. The DPI is adjustable up to 7,200, and the USB high-speed transmission technology means that you can adjust the polling rate (how fast you mouse reports its position to your PC) up to 1,000Hz. And, of course, like most gaming mice, it has an LED backlight which offers 16 million different color options.

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Perixx MX-3100

19 programmable buttons (including 12 thumb buttons) give this mouse an added layer of versatility on top of its other top-flight features – an adjustable DPI to 12,000, adjustable polling rate to 1,000HZ, and a high-speed motion detector. All of this adds up to a kickass gaming mouse that should fill your every need.

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Pecosso Gaming Mouse

You take your risks anytime you go off-brand or with a budget mouse, but perhaps this one is worth the risk, as it has an outstanding 4.7/5 average user rating on Amazon. This is an option for more casual gamers, as it doesn’t have a ton of extras, but it does have an adjustable DPI (to 3,200) and perhaps best of all? It’s plug and play, meaning you don’t have to install any extra drivers or software.

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EUASOO High Precision Optical Gaming Mouse

This mouse is an excellent middle ground between budget mouses and more expensive brands. It offers 13 programmable buttons, an adjustable DPI (up to 4,000), adjustable polling rate (up to 1,000Hz) and 20g acceleration, which is a measure of how fast your mouse can move before it starts spazzing out. And 20g should work for you just fine without any problems.

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Hiraliy F300

Sleek and stylish, this mouse also has nine programmable buttons, as well as five separate memory profiles, which allow you to store various button combinations that you might want to save. And it’s ergonomic, rubber design means that you can maintain a comfortable grip for hours at a time.

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Logitech G502 Proteus

With a DPI that is adjustable up to 12,000, this is a heavyweight gaming mouse. I mean that metaphorically, because you can actually adjust and tune this mouse’s weight and balance to best fit your needs. And, of course, that Logitech name means that you are getting top-of-the-line name-brand quality.

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NPET V30 RGB Backlit Gaming Mouse

Some gaming mouses look like craggy behemoths that you can barely get your hand around, so sometimes it’s nice to simply have a gaming mouse that looks like, well, like a mouse. Of course, the 20g acceleration and the programmable buttons amongst other goodies mean that it’s not just a mouse, but a fine gaming mouse.

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TeckNet Ultimate Professional Optical Wireless Gaming Mouse

A wireless gaming mouse definitely has plenty of appeal. Of course, the problem is making sure that it has a flawless connection so you don’t lose any sensitivity. This gaming mouse solves that with a USB Nano receiver, which gives your wireless gaming mouse a dedicated receiver to work with so that it can get its full 4,000 DPI when you need it. You will not find a more affordable wireless gaming mouse on the market, let alone one with quality like this.

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Logitech G Pro Gaming Mouse

That “pro” is always nice to see, right? With an adjustable DPI up to 12,000, there’s a reason that “pro” is in there. That’s because it was designed by Logitech in conjunction with top competitive eSports professionals, a.k.a. hardcore gamers. This mouse was built for you by people like you.

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Razer DeathAdder Elite

This is listed as a #1 top seller by Amazon, and it’s no wonder why, as this gaming mouse boasts “the world’s most precise sensor.” That’s a hell of a claim, but with a DPI adjustable to 16,000, maybe that’s true.

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Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

“Professional grade” is what Logitech uses to describe this and that’s because it’s a wired AND wireless gaming mouse (just unplug when you want to go wireless) and it can go wireless while still maintaining best of the best quality, which in this case means a 12,000 DPI and an optical gaming sensor which Logitech claims is “accepted by pro gamers as the best gaming mouse sensor.” Well, okay then. Oh, and it’s also ambidextrous for all you lefties.

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UtechSmart Venus Gaming Mouse

Check out these specs: an adjustable DPI to an unreal 16,400, 1,000Hz polling rate, 30g acceleration, eighteen programmable buttons, five savable memory profiles and a partridge in a pear tree. It’s no wonder that this gaming mouse is IGN’s pick for the best gaming mouse.

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