Holiday Golf Gift Guide: The 15 Best Golf Gifts For Men This Holiday Season

holiday gift guide best golf gifts

The beautiful thing about shopping for a golfer in your life is that a golfer can quite literally never have too much golf gear. Whether it be clothes, shoes, clubs, golf balls, or any other items remotely related to the sport, odds are they needed whatever it is you decide to give them.

With that being said, there is an infinite amount of golf brands, gear, and tech on the marketplace which can make shopping for a golfer a bit overwhelming. Don’t stress, though, our gift guide is here to help as we’ve picked out 10 golf gifts that are perfect for any level golfer in your life.

Best Golf Gifts For Men – 2021

The gifts below feature top-tier brands like Vineyard Vines, Stix, TravisMathew, Short Par 4, Adidas, Nike, Callaway, Yeti, and more. You’ll find a diverse set of gifts that will put a smile on the face of any golfer this holiday season.

Stix Golf Clubs

If you’re looking to gift someone their first set of golf clubs, or want to upgrade a set, Stix is for you. We got our hands on these clubs not long ago and can confirm that they’re fantastic. From the feel, the quality, the minimalist and clean look of the clubs, they’re simply awesome. Go check out our in-depth review of the Stix 14-piece complete set here.

The 14-piece complete set is the creme de la creme as it includes a driver, 3-wood, and a hybrid plus three wedges, a set of irons, and a putter. Plus, a high-quality bag for all your new clubs.

Beyond the overall quality of the clubs, the best part about Stix is the simplified consumer experience. Buying golf clubs can be overwhelming, Stix actually makes the process understandable and enjoyable.

Stix is all about simplicity, inclusion, and the belief that golf is for everyone, and their products back up that mindset, and then some.

Note: Black Friday officially starts site-wide at Stix on November 12 where you can take an additional 25% off everything in the store other than gift cards.


Vineyard Vines Jim Nantz Collection Quarter-Zip

A Vineyard Vines and Jim Nantz collab. Do I need to say anything else? If the voice of golf puts his name on it, you know it’s a fantastic piece. This midweight quarter-zip is a perfect outer piece to keep you warm during colder rounds on the course, but you can also wear this out to a nice restaurant and nobody will know that it’s also your favorite quarter-zip to wear on the links. The quarter-zip comes in two stylish colors, and you can’t go wrong with either.


TravisMathew Wanderlust Hoodie

Hoodies are now acceptable attire on the golf course, don’t let anyone tell you differently. If guys on the PGA Tour are wearing hoodies, you can too, and TravisMathew’s Wanderlust hoodie is as good as it gets. The hoodie is 90% polyester and 10% spandex, so you won’t feel constricted while swinging the club and simultaneously looking great. This is a piece you can wear to the first tee or during a night out on the town.


Short Par 4 Fairway or Executive Membership


The Short Par 4 Fairway or Executive membership is the gift that keeps on giving and is the perfect gift for that stylish, trendy golfer in your life. With a Fairway or Executive Membership, Short Par 4 will ship high-quality and fashionable items straight to your door every month. From hats to polos, pants, and accessories from all the biggest names in golf apparel, Short Par 4 checks all the boxes. The Short Par 4 Fairway membership is like Christmas once a month.


Adidas Frostguard Full-Zip Padded Vest

There’s nothing like a good padded vest for fall and winter golf. A padded vest is essential for any golfer who likes to tee it up in the cooler months. Adidas’ Frostguard padded vest exudes the ‘look good, feel good, play good’ motto. This is another versatile piece that you can wear out to a restaurant or bar as well straight from the links.


YETI Rambler 12 Oz. Coaster Can Insulator

Newsflash, some golfers like to drink a few cold beverages while out on the course. The keyword there being cold. The YETI rambler keeps any standard 12 oz can as cold as it was inside the cooler for hours. The Rambler will change your whole drinking from a can experience forever, plus, you can store it away in your golf bag no problem. The Rambler comes in 11 different colors, too.



Callaway Clubhouse Backpack

Golfers carry around a lot of different things, some of which don’t fit nor belong inside a golf bag. This is why a quality backpack, like the Callaway Clubhouse, is essential for any golfer. Throw a change of clothes and an extra pair of shoes inside the backpack so you can change in the locker room after your round. Or, use this as your business backpack and toat around your laptop inside letting the world know that you’re a golfer with style.


Nike Roshe G Golf Shoes

The golf shoe marketplace is a very, very crowded space with brands coming out with new colorways and designs at a rapid pace. While Nike has its fair share of golf shoe styles as well, the Roshe G stands firm as one of its all-time greats. It also doesn’t break the bank, either, starting at just $80 with three different colorways.


Adidas Primegreen Primeknit Long Sleeve Polo

The long sleeve polo is an underutilized piece of clothing for the common golfer. While you can guarantee that the average golfer has way too many short sleeve polos in their closet, odds are they’re short a few long sleeve polos. That’s where Adidas’ primeknit long sleeve comes in clutch. Not only is it a sharp-looking shirt for the course, but you could also rock this shirt to dinner as well. The versatile long-sleeve polo is a winner this holiday season.


Titleist Prov1 Personalized Golf Balls

You literally can not go wrong gifting someone a dozen golf balls, ever. Golf balls, especially a box of Titleist Prov1’s, are an undefeated gift. To make things even more special, you can add your own personalized touch to the golf balls as well by adding a message, a name, or even a photo to the side of the golf ball. A dozen Prov1’s with the person’s name or initials on them is a timeless gift that all golfers will appreciate.


The ACE Rangefinders

Stop scrambling with each shot on the golf course and get an accurate reading with the ACE Rangefinder from Citizen Goods

If you want to hone in your yardages and be confident while lasering a target on the course, then a Bushnell rangefinder is the definition of a must-have.

The ACE Rangefinder boasts tour-level accuracy, delivering readings down to the decimal. Its interface is easy to use — just click and point to receive a highly accurate distance measurement. Its advanced technology has the ability to compensate for slope differential with ease. No matter the hole, you never have to second guess your club choice. The ACE Rangefinder is high-quality and durable with an ultra-long battery life that can last 50 or more rounds on a single charge (at a charge time of only 45 minutes).

The ACE Rangefinder by Pinned Golf is a must-have gadget for golfers at any level. Its accuracy, reliability, and long battery life make it the perfect addition to any golf bag. Best of all, this rangefinder is currently on sale for only $199.99, down from $299 (that’s a savings of 33 percent).


PhiGolf Simulator

Golf simulators can be outrageously expensive, but with the PhiGolf Simulator, you can have your own at-home simulator at an extremely affordable price.

The PhiGolf: Mobile & Home Smart Golf Simulator With Swing Stick truly is a must-have for any golfer out there with a busy schedule that may not be able to get out on the course or hit the driving range as often as they’d like.

Besides the price, the biggest perk of the PhiGolf Simulator is the convenience and simplicity of the set up. Everything you need fits in your hand and smartphone, which you can then mirror to your TV. This makes the PhiGolf Simulator usable just about anywhere there is access to a TV. There’s no bulky set up or net needed for this top-notch gadget that will improve your game.

You can work on your swing from the comfort of your home or office for a limited time for under $200 when you use promo code GOLF10.

Available for under $200 when using the promo code ‘GOLF10’ 



If your dad says he’s a backyard games guy but doesn’t own Chippo, then he’s not actually a backyard games guy.

With summer kicking into full gear that means the amount of time spent in the backyard is about to drastically increase. Simply sitting around in the backyard isn’t fun though, what’s fun is having a few cold ones while also working on your short game.

Chippo puts your chipping skills to the test and combines all the fun of a typical backyard drinking game with a few new twists. Put the beanbags down, grab a wedge, and have some fun while improving your chipping.

Each Chippo comes with two turf-covered, netted target boards, two turf and rubber chipping mats, and six high-density foam balls by almostGolf.


Perfect Practice

The word perfect is literally in the name here, and rightly so.

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat helps every golfer at every skill level improve their putting from virtually anywhere they want. Instead of throwing a ball and a glass down on the living room floor or the office carpet just to get some putts in, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat actually allows you to work on your putting.

The mat actually comes in different lengths and sizes — Compact, Standard, XL — so you can work on putts from a plethora of different distances with the XL mat coming in at 15 & 1/2 ft. long.

Trusted by PGA Tour pros like Dustin Johnson, among others, the Perfect Practice Putting Mat will help your dad find his touch and have putts dropping on the greens.


SelfieGOLF Cell Phone Holder

selfiegolf cell phone holder

One of the best ways to work on your game is to analyze video of your swing, but asking someone at the driving range to record you can be awkward. That’s what makes SelfieGOLF’s cell phone holder so clutch. Your cell phone easily clips into the holder which then can be snapped onto either an alignment stick or even a club in your bag. The setup is much easier and faster than dragging an actual tripod out to the course. Plus, the SelfieGOLF holder comfortably fits in any golf bag.


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