Best Of Surf Expo 2020 Gear For Guys: Coolers, Knives, Camping Hammocks, And More

best of Surf Expo 2020 gear

Surf Expo in Orlando is one of the largest and coolest events in the ‘Outdoors’ gear space. It is held twice a year, in January and September, and it’s a time when brands like Toadfish, Ice Mule Coolers, Billabong, Hurley, Reef, etc. all debut the latest and greatest products for anyone living that salt life.

I had fully intended on attending this year’s January Surf Expo but life threw me a curveball and I was forced to bail at the last minute. With that said, I collaborated with the on-site crew to figure out what the biggest head-turners from Surf Expo 2020 were, all of the gear that guys will want (and need) this Summer.

Two of the most popular items come from Toadfish Outfitters. One is a collaboration with Jetty, the Toadfish x Jetty CO-OP Wooden Oyster Shucker. For every one of these that are purchased they replant 10 square feet of oyster beds!

best of Surf Expo 2020 gear Toadfish x Jetty Oyster Shucker Knife

The wooden-handled knife features a blade that is a stain-free, rust-resistant Japanese stainless steel. It is bent on the tip to get that perfect ‘pop’ you need to open raw oysters from the hinge. The ‘ergonomic thumb print’ handle was specifically designed to reduce any slippage of the hand.

You can scoop this knife up right now on the Toadfish Outfitters website and/or on Amazon and get to eating some fresh raw oysters by the weekend! Buy It Now

The other really cool item from Toadfish Outfitters is the Non-Tipping Can Cooler which is exactly what the name implies. It’s described as the ‘first of its kind un-spillable beverage cooler’ that uses an innovative suction cup technology to ensure your canned drink (beer, soda, etc) stays firmly locked in place on the counter. This is CLUTCH for days on the boat or big family gatherings when there are lots of clumsy people around. Check out this thing in action:

You can purchase the Toadfish Outfitters Non-Tipping Can Cooler right now over on their website for an easy $24. They also sell a ‘slim can adapter’ if you need that. Also, for each one of these sold they will replant 10sq ft of oyster beds to help clean up the coastal waters. Buy It Now

The Rocket Sport equipment dryer was a huge head-turner at Surf Expo 2020. Their Sport Dryer has already been used by NHL teams, professional sports team mascots, etc. to quick dry their equipment but the surf industry has just gotten wind of this and it’s being employed to quick dry wetsuits so they don’t grow stanky mold. Their super-fast and portable wetsuit dry has UV bulbs for sterilization and this is a game-changer for surfers. Buy It Now

Best of Surf Expo 2020 Gear Brumate Hopsulator Slim Can Cooler

The BrüMate Hopsulator Slim Double-walled Stainless Steel Insulated Can Cooler comes in pretty much every color imaginable which makes it an excellent gift if you’re purchasing it for a specific occasion that you need to match the color to the event.

This can cooler fits slim cans and the double-walled stainless steel has an extra copper layer that keeps your drink 20x colder than your standard neoprene koozie. If you drink cans by the beach, river, on the boat, or by the pool then this is a must-have. Buy It Now

best of Surf Expo 2020 Ice Mule Cooler

The Icemule Traveler is one of the coolest backpack/travel cooler designs I’ve seen in quite some time. They’ve cracked the ergonomic code on how to make a cooler portable without completely changing the way you fill the cooler with your items.

The Icemule Traveler has a 35-liter capacity and will keep ice frozen for up to 48-hours. It’s 100% waterproof and designed to float so it’s perfect for paddling trips and days on the boat. There are weatherproof pockets for fully dry storage where you can keep things like your wallet and cellphone protected from the elements. Buy It Now

Another really rad debut at Surf Expo 2020 was the latest innovation from EWaveSurf. These are billed as ‘The Future of Electric Boarding’ which might sound a little strange until you see these in action. Above, you can see a preview of what these futuristic boards are capable of.

You can follow the ‘shop now’ link for a full rundown on the specs and for information on how to pre-order the latest model which will be released this Summer (in July). Shop Now

Pure Lure launched a new line at Surf Expo 2020 and the response from fishermen and avid outdoorsmen was very strong. Their new line of flannels and hoodies is built for life “on and off the water”. You want to stay comfortable and warm when fishing but you want to look great when you hit the bar after a day of tossing lures, right? Check out their collection! Shop Now

best of Surf Expo 2020 Booe pouches

Booē has a “patented TRU Zip™ design” that blows away the competition. These portable waterproof pouches are here to keep all of your gear safe when you’re in the great outdoors. You never know what Mother Nature will toss your way and you want to make sure your gear is protected. Buy It Now

best of Surf Expo 2020 gear All Good Sunscreen

Fun fact about me: back in college, around then end of my Junior year I basically flipped a coin to decide if I should completely switch my major and start fresh which would add a few years onto my degree. At the time, I was deeply considering changing it all and pursuing a career as a marine biologist with a concentration on combating reef bleaching in Florida and throughout the Americas.

So much work and progress has been made in this field in recent years but there’s still SO MUCH work left to do. All Good ‘Reef Friendly’ Sunscreen is a great step in the right direction with sunscreen specifically engineered to not kill coral reefs while simultaneously providing full UVA and UVB protection (full spectrum). Buy It Now

best of Surf Expo 2020 Speaqua

The Speaqua Carabiner Clip can be used as a keychain (that’s how I’m using it) or it can be used to clip a portable Bluetooth speaker into your daypack or whatever. Carabiners are some of the most versatile tools around and this one is no exception. Speaqua’s Barnacle Pro, Barnacle Vibe 2.0, and their Cruiser H2.0 are some of the best portable Bluetooth speaker around right now so be sure to check those out as well! Buy It Now

best of Surf Expo 2020 gear double hammock

With camping season just around the corner, you will want to load up on the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock with Insect Shield Treatment. This clutch camping hammock ensures you won’t have to sleep on the ground like a caveman.

In fact, it’s one of the most comfortable camping experiences you’ll ever have. The 70D high tenacity nylon taffeta supports up to 400-pounds and it’s been treated with permethrin insect repellent which will keep the bugs away and you’ll never even know it’s there! You can cop this on Amazon in a few different colors. Buy It Now

Best of Surf Expo 2020 Pickle Rick Pool Float

The ‘Pickle Rick’ pool float definitely turned a lot of heads at Surf Expo 2020. This ~6-foot long pool float is a perfect gift for any Rick & Morty fan out there. I know it’s hard to think about pool toys right now when it’s frigid outside but I’ve always been a firm believer that the best time to buy Summer gear is in the cold months (before any prices change). It’s currently only $19.99 over on their website. Buy It Now

Best of Surf Expo 2020 CBD infused sunscreen

The Surface CBD-infused line of sunscreen sprays and lotions could very well be the future of sunscreen. Despite being a born and raised Floridian, I’m pretty fair-skinned due to the fact that pretty much every one of my ancestors came over to the States from Scotland and Ireland. Surface CBD-infused sunscreens protect your skin from the sun while offering the ‘skin-nourishing benefits of CBD’ which is something I fully expect to catch on everywhere in the coming years. Check ’em out! Buy It Now

For a full rundown of the 2020 Surf Expo exhibitors, you can click here to head on over to their website.

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