The 15 Best Snow Boots Perfect For Work, Hunting, Hiking, Snowmobiling And More

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Best Snow Boots

Winter is fast approaching, and that means one thing: snow. And instead of dealing with an entire winter of soggy, freezing feet as you make your way through slush to your car or through feet of snow in the woods during a hunting trip, why not invest in a nice pair of snow boots?

Yes, snow boots. You’d be surprised, but there is a snow boot for every need. Working outdoors? There’s a snow boot for that. Playing with the kids? There’s a snow boot for that. Hunting? Snow boot. Heading to the office and still want to look stylish? Believe it or not, there’s a snow boot for that too. So, whatever your need, we’re here to help, with these 15 best snow boots to add to your footwear collection right now.

100% Waterproof All-Weather Duckboot
best snow boots

The 100% All-Weather Duckboot by Huckberry features a boot-sneaker fusion design that’s perfect for wearing with any type of pants. The breathable membrane wicks away sweat while keeping your feet dry in the wettest of elements. It’s ideal for a major downpour or in the snowiest of conditions.

Price: $180
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Kamik Men’s Nationplus Boot
best snow boots

This is a classic, solid, all-purpose boot. Made with imported leather that wicks away moisture, it’s reinforced with a rubber sole and perhaps most importantly: it’s rated to keep your feet warm and crispy in weather as cold as -40F.

Price: $62.97 – $84.99
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Sorel Men’s Caribou II Boot
best snow boots

Another leather and rubber combo, this boot is also rated at -40F, but, this boot’s liner is also removable, so you don’t sweat to death if you don’t really need it.

Price: $82.49 – $271.54 (most sizes tend to run about $140)
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Columbia Men’s Bugaboot Plus III Omni
best snow boots

If you don’t need – or just plain don’t like – the bulk of most traditional snow boots, try this boot, which is designed to come up to just above the ankle. Perfect for anyone who just needs to get through a few inches of snow instead of a few feet, this boot is waterproof and designed to be both comfortable and effective all winter long.

Price: $77.99 – $200.99 (most seem to be under $130)
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Sorel Men’s 1964 premium T Boot
best snow boots

Perhaps the classic snow boot, this looks like the sort of thing you’d see someone wearing in a Norman Rockwell painting of an idyllic New England winter. Leather with a vulcanized rubber shell and herringbone outsole, it isn’t just a classic look, it’s also a warm, waterproof boot that will keep you dry. The lining is also removable for added versatility.

Price: $81.89 – $227.36 (most tend to run under $150.00)
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Salomon Men’s X Ultra Winter Performance Boot
best snow boots

This is a snow boot built with the hiker in mind. A mid-cut length, this is a great hiking boot year-round which is an added bonus, but it’s especially nice in winter. That’s because it’s designed to be waterproof with insulation built into the boot to keep you warm no matter where the trail leads you.

Price: $110.07 – $289.49 (under size 10 tend to be about $110, size 10 and up about $180)
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LABO Men’s Winter Snow Boots
best snow boots

If you’re just looking for an affordable pair of snow boots that still get the job done without any of the frills, this is the pair you’re looking for. Waterproof, with a nice, warm liner, they’ll get the job done for you. There’s no imported leather here, just a pair of boots you can wear to go play in the snow like you’re eight-years-old again.

Price: $23.88 – $99.00
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Kamik Men’s Hunter Boot

Designed for one person in mind: the hunter. These long boots will keep you warm and dry while you’re trudging through the woods or just sitting in your blind. Rated at -40F, you can wear these to hunt in the Arctic, and the removable liner means that you can comfortably wear them in less hostile places too.

Price: $42.95 – $75.00
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Rockport Men’s Elkhart Snow Boot

This boot is designed to keep you going in all sorts of foul weather. It’s also designed to be a boot that you can wear just about anywhere. After all, it’s kind of hard to do work in a big, bulky snow boot. However, this boot will still keep you warm and dry and, perhaps most importantly, moving through your day without needing to change into a specialized boot. Great for anyone who works outdoors.

Price: $57.12 – $228.00 (most seem to be from $75.00 – $100.00, unless you wear like a size 6)
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Baffin Men’s Wolf Snow Boot

This is a hardcore boot built for people who need to deal with some serious snow. Seven layers of insulation keep you protected from the most savage of weather, and dual buckle straps make sure those seven layers are fit snug to your legs so you can keep on moving without having to worry about frostbite seeping in. This is just a badass boot, made even more badass because you can remove all seven of those layers whenever you need to.

Price: $99.80 – $159.99 (most sizes seem to run about $135)
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Sorel Men’s Bear Extreme Snow Boot

Another hardcore snow boot, these are perfect for anyone who needs to do some serious snowmobiling in heavy, fresh snow. You just tie them on tight and go. With layers of lining – the innermost layer is removable – keeping you warm, and a polyurethane coated exterior keeping you dry, you’ll be good for hours and hours of deep snow fun.

Price: $81.38 – $271.54 (the truer range seems to be closer to $100.00 – $150.00)
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Timberland Men’s Heston Waterproof Boot

Now this is a boot designed to keep you looking good even when the weather conspires against you. Waterproof leather will allow you to rock these anywhere you need to look good, while the wool trim will keep you warm all day long. Good looking, stylish and warm and dry? That’s an unbeatable combo. Or as a certain reviewer put it in the Amazon answers section: “Timberland has excelled with foot comfort, these boots are very comfortable for long walks….and all the hoes love these boots…church.”

Price: $151.77 – $190.00
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Okay, so this is a little different. These are actually attachable cleats, which you can strap onto any boot – or shoe for that matter – for a little extra traction in the snow and ice. Easy to strap on and then take-off, these are the perfect addition for anyone who just needs a little bit of extra help without having to commit to the full snow boot.

Price: $13.22 – $64.80 (all the black sizes are $17.56, so this is really all about color)
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Muck Boots Arctic Pro Hunting Boot

Muck Boots makes killer snow boots, especially their Arctic line, and the Arctic Pro is the best of the best. A great hunting boot, Muck Boots claims that these boots will keep you warm in temperatures as low as -50F, and since you just pull them on, there’s nowhere for the snow and cold to get inside once you’re in.

Price: $64.90 – $299.10 (most seem to run in the $130 – $150 range)
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UGG Men’s Butte Snow Boot

Yeah, it’s a pair of Uggs for men. Before you scoff, ask yourself this: are you a real man? Because a real man rocks these and makes his friends compliment him on them. And he wears them in pink. Okay, maybe that’s a bit too far, but really, don’t let the idea of wearing Uggs scare you. I mean, ladies love them for a reason. That’s because they’re warm and comfortable thanks to a pure wool lining. And ladies will love that you have the balls to rock these. Don’t be so suburban.

Price: $112.99 – $249.95 (most seem to run over $200 because they are Uggs)
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Baffin Men’s Impact Insulated Boot

Remember way back when, when I talked about how the Baffin Wolf was a hardcore boot? Well, this is that boot on steroids, HGH and Gamma radiation. That’s because it adds an eighth layer which makes this boot rated at an absurd -148F. -148F! That’s just crazy, man. And you’re crazy if you’re out in that kind of hellscape. But, if you are, then you absolutely need these boots, which are literal lifesavers. -148F!

Price: $91.24 – $315.22 (the most expensive I saw for this color was $184.95)
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