Best Vinyl Record Holders And Displays—Unique Storage Racks, Shelves, And More

When it comes to keeping your vinyl records in good condition, you want to make sure you’ve got the proper storage. The original method used to be milk crates, as their dimensions were typically around the same height as the record for storing them vertically, but these days it can be quite hard to find a milk crate with the right dimensions.

Many times, the crates you find at the store will be just under the height you need to keep your records standing tall.

The Proper Way to Store Vinyl Records

The reason we talk about storing your records vertically is so they don’t warp. If you stack your records on top of each other as you would newspaper, the additional weight will come down on the vinyl and warp them, thus making them wobbly and uneven. An uneven record means it won’t play as well, and sometimes storing this way will even cease them to be playable.

Best Vinyl Record Holders And Displays—Unique Storage Racks, Shelves, And More

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Other factors to consider in your record storage include temperature, humidity, and light. Make sure to store your records in a cool place in your home that’s void of humidity. Heat will 100% cause warping. And as for light, avoid keeping your collection near windows where they can be exposed to sunlight all day. Not only will it raise the temperature, but exposure to Ultraviolet rays can damage the record too.

Best Record Holders, Storage Racks, Shelves, Displays, And More

We pulled together a diverse round-up of all the different ways to store your records. These displays will keep all your records up in the air properly to avoid warping. They’re also made with strong materials like solid steel, wood, and metal, so you won’t have to worry about your collection taking a dive. Plus, each storage display will add a few style points to the room they’re going to be kept in.

From storage racks and shelves, to full-blown displays, there’s something in here for every type of vinyl enthusiast.

Now Playing, Wall Mounted Vinyl Record Display Stand

As seen on TikTok, this “Now Playing” ledge can be attached above your listening station to highlight the current tunes of the hour.

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Metal LP Storage on Rotating Wheels

We like this metal storage crate because of its minimalist design and the fact that’s it’s on wheels. Records can be heavy, you know.

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Crosley AC1004A-NA Record Storage Crate

Built to mimic a traditional record crate, this one from Crosley will match great with the decor in most homes. Made with solid wood and measuring 13.75″ (W) x 12.25″ (H) x 18″ (D).

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MODERN VINYL Record Holder – Matte Black Metal

This record holder can also store books, files, and magazines. We like how it’s compact enough to keep up on a desk or table.

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KAIU Vinyl Record Storage Holder

This portable rack unit stores up to 50 records and keeps them at a gentle slant. If you look closely you can see there are grooves on the bottom of the rack to keep each record from sliding around.

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Victrola Wooden Stand for Wooden Music Centers

A simple listening table that can store your player on top and your tunes down below. Note: Does not come with the record player.

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IEEK 6 PCS Vinyl Record Shelf Wall Mount

Here you get a 6-pack of clear acrylic record holders that you can mount to your wall and display for everyone to see. Each acrylic holder measures 12×1.5×1.9 inches.

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Red New York Post Newspaper Box

Perhaps one of the most unique record-holders we’ve seen, this handcrafted newspaper box is made to hold an entire collection of records. We love everything about it.

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Quad Record Ledge

The two ledges you see above this listening station are easily mountable to any wall and will hold up to four records on each line. We call it sleek and simple.

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Victrola Vintage Vinyl Record Storage Carrying Case

A record case is good to have for those who think they’ll be transporting their collection with them frequently. What’s cool is they come in several different colors and patterns.

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Hudson Hi-Fi Wall Mount Vinyl Record Storage

This wall mount display holds up to 25 records and comes in a two-pack. Made with solid steel and comes in two colors—Black Satin and White Pearl.

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Aesthetic Vinyl Record Storage Rack

Another two-pack, these wall-mounted display cages are lightweight and can hold up to 50 records. Each rack weighs about 3.5 pounds and is made with solid metal.

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Vinyl Record Storage Display – Modern Exotic

Able to holds books and records, we love the design of this simple, modernist display. Only needs to be assembled with six screws and can fit on any desktop or table (11×12.75×9.4 in.).

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Way Basics Vintage Vinyl Record Cube 2-Shelf Storage

Another side table, but this one has two levels to hold records to fit up to an impressive 170 albums. You can also place your player on the top of the table.

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Floating Vinyl Record Storage Shelves

Stylish and made with solid walnut, this floating display case is straight-up awesome. You can build one sweet listening station around this display.

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Record Storage Crate and Record Album Dividers

For those who like to keep their things in the right place, these alphabetical wooden tabs will give you an idea of where each record in your collection is hiding.

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